SoS Daily News : news about the State of Steem @ 27 February 2019

Two new shows launch on MSP Waves – 60 Minutes of Steem followed by The GAME Show.

@nathanmars offers another 1000 SP delegation for a Twitter Hustler.

SteemPlus gets full Keychain integration.

STEEM rides high in China.

60 Minutes of Steem and The GAME Show launch on MSP Waves

Following the end of the first series of the State of Steem Forums, @pennsif is launching two new shows in the Thursday 3 hour slot.

60 Minutes of Steem is a one hour show to discuss current issues on Steem. Kicking off the series will be a special brainstorming session for the 10,000 Minnows Project initiated by @steevc.

Joining @steevc on the session will be @carrieallen (Helpie), @jackmiller (witness), @paulag (@steemcommunity witness team), @surfermarly (marketeer), @starkerz (Oracle-D) and @wwf (Friends of Terra Mater).

Running from 9pm – 11pm UTC The GAME Show will cover everything you want to know about games, gaming, gambling, contests, competitions and challenges on Steem.

Guests on the first show will be @yabapmatt (co-founder and developer of Steem Monsters), @hightouch (CEO of Futureshock and creator of DrugWars, OnGame and Fundition), @disregardfiat (co-founder of DLux and @dlux-sm), @plantstoplanks (co-ordinator of the weekly Steemit Fruit and Veggies Monday Competition) and @carrieallen (Steem Monsters and Promo-Mentors).

Both shows will be hosted by @pennsif with regular co-host @teamhumble.

1000 SP delegation for a Twitter Hustler of the day

Steem promoter @nathanmars is offering another 1000 SP delegation to a ‘Twitter Hustler’ who is doing good work promoting Steem on Twitter…

Full Keychain Integration for SteemPlus 3.8

SteemPlus has announced that its latest version is now offering full integration with Steem Keychain…

STEEM big in China

Digital marketer @chekohler reports that STEEM has been listed at number 9 in the recent Global Public Blockchain Technology Assesment Index published by China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID)…

WhereIN, the Chinese based steem social app, has developed its own local WhereinConnect identity connector as SteemConnect is now blocked in China.

The recently launched social app has also announced the WhereIN Challenges Support Plan with daily rewards to encourage sharing on the new platform.

@taskmaster4450 discusses WhereIN’s progress further…

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.348 2019-02-28 5.12am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.971 2019-02-28 5.12am UTC
Market Cap US$ 109,009,389 2019-02-28 5.12am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #50 (-1) 2019-02-28 5.12am UTC
No. of Whales 38 (+1) 2019-02-26
No. of Orcas 338 (-1) 2019-02-26
No. of Dolphins 1969 (+1) 2019-02-26
No. of Minnows 9212 (+3) 2019-02-26
Alexa rank ( #4570 (-7) 2019-02-28 5.14am UTC
Unique visitors ( 240,901 / day 2019-02-28 5.14am UTC
Page views ( 734,747 / day 2019-02-28 5.14am UTC

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Steem Monsters / @dlux-sm – 3D Steemmonster Market Menu!

If you want to check on progress of development on Steem, check out the GitHub here…

If you want to check on the current list of full API Nodes witness @holger80 provides this via @fullnodeupdate…


TechWorld – Social App Review: Steemit


This is #87 (27 Feb ’19) of this daily news service.

Please let me know of any important posts or key data that should be included. Comment below or message me on Discord Pennsif#9921

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Steem UK : 10 Things Going On with Steem in the UK @ 15 November 2018

SteemFest is over, and the Steem price is on a downward slide.

This seems like a good time to redouble efforts to get moving on promoting Steem in the UK.

I am going to give this my best shot and I hope others in the UK will join me on the journey.

Here’s where I have got to so far. Comments, suggestions, ideas, criticisms welcome.

1. Steem UK Virtual Meetup

The second Steem UK Virtual Meetup is scheduled for 2 weeks from today (29 November). It will be 8pm – 11pm UK time on MSP Waves.

Do please come along and join in with that if you want to make Steem great in Britain.

The recording of the first meetup is available if you missed it…

2. SteemClub-UK branding?

This came about rather by chance as the accounts @steemuk and @steem-uk had both been taken. So I grabbed @steemclub-uk instead.

Now the Club idea is growing on me. More on this idea to follow…

3. Auto-Voter account @steemclub-uk

I have set up @steemclub-uk on SteemAuto to auto-vote UK active steemians.

I have delegated 2000SP to the account to get it going and @steevc, @article61 and @livinguktaiwan have already kindly added SP delegations.

This will take some trial and error and discussion and debate, but I am gradually adding everyone that is on the active UK steemians list. Everyone should start to see small votes appear on their posts once a day.

This will be developed further and can be discussed on 29 November.

The account is now up to 2300 SP. It would be great if we can get it to 5000 SP by the next meetup.

4. Curation trail on @steemclub-uk

A curation trail is also set on @steemclub-uk if you can spare a bit of voting power to support UK steemians.

5. Curation project

I am going to start some manual curation for UK steemians. Still working on the details.

Music is first on my list…

6. SteemClub-UK Discord Server

I have just set this up. I primarily see this as being useful for organising events and meetups, but maybe more…

I will start sending out invites over the next few days.

7. Regional Events

We discussed in the first Virtual Meetup the idea of having four regional events each focussing on a different theme.

These are targeted for the first few months of 2019.

These are still subject to change but currently we are considering…

  • in the Midlands – a music related event
  • in London and the South East – a food related event
  • in Wales and the South West – a film related event
  • in the North – a business / crypto related event

Check out this post for more details on each of these…

We will be discussing more on 29 November, and hopefully soon in the Discord server, but if anyone would like to get involved in any of these events please comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

8. Mini-Meetups

I have heard mention of various potential mini-meetups around the country.

If you are organising any gatherings and are open to other steemians joining in let me know and we can share the details.

9. Charity Projects

As many of you might know I am involved in the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project on Steem and with the steem crowdfunding platform. Through both of these I see the power of good that Steem can do.

I would really love to see some charitable projects supported by Steem in the UK.

If you have any ideas contact me…

10. Weekly Update

To keep the ball rolling and to make sure everyone can stay in the loop that wants to be there I will be putting out a weekly update like this of what is going on in the UK Steem world.

If you have any events, meetups, contests etc you would like to be included let me know.


The UK is the home of great projects like @promo-steem, @oracle-d and @adollaraday ( 😃 ).

Steem has great potential in the UK. It will take effort, commitment, community and a fair dash of hard work.

But Steem is special. It presents an opportunity we may never have in our lifetimes again.

We must not let the opportunity slip through our fingers.

Now is the time to start making Steem great in Britain.

Anyone for 1000 active Steemians in the UK by the end of 2019?

Steemians in the UK – currently 133

These are all the active steemians currently identified in the UK. If you know anyone else that should be added please post in the comments or message me on Discord (@Pennsif#9921).

Ex-Pats are now being included on the list – are you a Brit living abroad that wants to see Steem flourish in the old country…?

London & the South East  (44)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @andabout, @atomcollector, @basilmarples, @blackrussian, @bleepcoin, @breadcentric, @buttpacker, @charitycurator, @cryptogee, @donatello, @donnadavisart, @eternalsuccess, @ezzy, @gillianpearce, @hockney, @hopehuggs, @jameshsmitharts, @justyy, @kabir88, @lloyddavis, @lolzwithlisa, @maneco64, @marczanto, @markangeltrueman, @molometer, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @nickyhavey, @pjau, @rea, @redrica, @scalextrix, @sergiomendes, @shazza, @simonjay, @slayerkm, @stav, @steevc, @stimp1024, @teodora, @ultravioletmag, @winkandwoo

The Midlands  (20)

@article61, @atomcollector, @cryptofunk, @dickturpin, @dobsdies, @gmuxx, @honeybee11, @howardblott, @ictman1076, @kryptoe, @martaesperanza, @neopch, @opheliafu, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @silverfoxx, @skaarl, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Wales & the South West  (23)

@cryptocariad, @eveningart, @father2b, @francesleader, @happysmileyman, @jen0revision, @jimbobbill, @louisthomas, @owenwat, @p-props, @pennsif, @perceptualflaws, @pumpkinsandcats, @stevejhuggett, @stevelivingston, @sunsethunter, @theadmiral0, @theturtleproject, @timothyallen, @tinygalaxy, @ukbitcoinmaster, @wales, @welshstacker

The North  (25)

@anarcotech, @artonmysleeve, @ashtv, @beautifulbullies, @bingbabe, @calluna, @c0ff33a, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @digitaldan, @gaby-crb, @gdwcoins, @geordieprepper, @mckeever, @mikefromtheuk, @pcste, @raj808, @russellbury, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @steemonkey, @stephenkendal, @teamhumble, @techmojo, @vibeof100monkeys

Scotland  (9)

@barge, @camuel, @fiftysixnorth, @johnkingwriter, @meesterboom, @natubat, @screwballpsyche, @tom-orrow, @wisbeech

Northern Ireland  (1)


Somewhere in the UK…  (11)

@britcoin, @jonathanyoung, @lastravage, @monkazzsa, @mynewlife, @sazzler, @supertraff, @surviveuk, @tremendospercy, @ukprepper, @voxxov

Expats  (1)

@livinguktaiwan (Taiwan)

[ flag image from ]

Steem UK : introducing @steemclub-uk to support UK content creators

As one small step to help support and grow the Steem community in the UK I have set up the steem account @steemclub-uk.

I am delegating a large chunk of my available steempower to this account and have set up an auto-voter to start giving small votes to UK based content creators.

I have delegated 500 SP to test it works. Once all is going okay I will increase this to 2000 SP.

Initially I plan to give all 120+ UK steemians a 10% vote per day.

I will monitor this over the next week or so to see if this percentage is sustainable.

I am trying this out as a personal commitment initially but if anyone would like to delegate to the account feel free.

Options for voting percentages

Once it is established there are a number of options to be considered for determining who gets what voting percentage.

  • Should everyone get an equal vote regardless of other factors?
  • Should people be rewarded with greater voting percentages if they are active in promoting steem in the UK?
  • Should people be rewarded with greater voting percentages according to how much they have delegated to the account?
  • Or should some combination of all three measures be employed?

If activity in promoting steem is a factor how should that be determined?

Thoughts and opinions welcome on this…

Curation Trail

I have also set up a Curation Trail on the @steemclub-uk account if anyone fancies supporting that with their vote.

SteemClub-UK Discord Server

I have also set up a Discord Server to help with networking and the organisation of events and meetups.

More on that to follow shortly.

Next Steem UK Virtual Meetup

The next Steem UK Virtual Meetup has been set for Thursday 29 November.

This will take place 8pm – 11pm UK time during my radio show on MSP Waves.

Everyone is welcome to join in.