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In my day job I look after WordPress websites for clients. About 70 of them.

I use WordPress a lot and I am pretty conversant with how it works.

I am also used to its editing interface and features.

When I arrived on steemit the page creation and editing experience, compared to WordPress, sucked – big time!

But the initial novelty of learning Markdown and getting to grips with its limitations and nuances compensated just a bit, for just a little while.

And I assumed steemit inc would be working hard away at improving the editing interface. After all steemit is a blogging platform so the editing interface is rather important !

Now after 12 months on the platform I am still waiting…  The steemit editing interface is basically the same as it was when I started.

So when I found Steempress last week I was delighted – and intrigued.

I was very happy at the prospect of being able to produce my steem posts via the much more accommodating WordPress editing interface.

Installing Steempress on an existing WordPress site was totally simple and went without any hitches at all.

If you want to see how that is done check out this excellent post by @hungryhustle :

This is now my fourth post produced using Steempress. It has worked well.

Steempress is still in its early stages and there are one or two features missing that will make creating steem posts much simpler once they are incorporated.

The key one of these for me is image alignment. But I understand from @howo that is coming very shortly.

Currently I just edit the code in steemit after publishing and add the required alignment markdown code to get the desired image layout.

This is the markdown code I use for a right-aligned image, for example, if you are interested :

That is a bit of a nuisance but it is more than compensated for by all the other benefits of having the familiar and much more accommodating WordPress editing interface to work in.

My Steempress Use Case

My use of Steempress is probably not the main use case envisaged for the plugin.

In the first instance I am not using it to publish from an existing public blog into steem.

Instead I am using it, in effect, to create an alternate personal publishing system for the steem blockchain.

This gives me the advantage of the much more advanced editing interface of WordPress.

More importantly it gives me a much better post management system. Steemit is a dreadful place to manage posts – you can’t find or access past posts easily at all.

And of course, you cannot readily access the code or edit them after 7 days.

One particular use I will make of Steempress will be for my regular postings such as the weekly SteemRadio schedule of all steem radio shows :

The extensive table layout of this weekly post is going to be my next challenge to translate into Steempress.

Currently I keep the markdown code of this post in a text file and then cut, paste and edit into a new steemit post every Sunday.

However once I have it in Steempress I will then just duplicate the post each week, edit the url, update the post and publish to steem through Steempress.

As WordPress doesn’t have a native post duplication feature I am using the well tested Duplicate Page plugin :

Duplicate Page

Post duplication would make a very tidy little add-on feature to incorporate in a future release of Steempress. (Maybe @howo can add it on his ‘to-do’ list… )

Although at the moment this is my primary use case of Steempress, I do have a small news blog that I left aside when I started on Steemit. Having Steempress available is inspiring me to revive that site…

That will be a review post for another day.

In conclusion, for anyone familiar with WordPress who has a WordPress site available to use, I would strongly recommend the option of using Steempress to create, edit and manage their posts to the steem blockchain.

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