5 things I have done today to help the planet… [Day 007 – 21 May ’19]

Another day, another way.

In fact five more ways to help the planet.

A bit of good investing, a bit of volunteering, a bit of webinaring, a bit of healthy shopping and a bit of badger adoption.

Anything take your fancy…?

1. Investing in the Good Club

The Good Club are doing good things.

I mentioned before that I have recently started buying organic and planet friendly products from https://goodclub.co.uk/.

They haven’t got a massive range yet and their website is a bit cumbersome to use but their prices are very keen offering savings of around 25% against local wholefood and healthfood stores.

But Good Club is looking to take it five steps beyond the usual online eco-retailer and tackle the issue of food packaging waste head on.

They are currently crowdfunding to build an innovative closed loop, zero waste home delivery system.

Their investment target is £400,000 and they have so far raised over £350K with 8 days to go.

UK supermarkets currently create 800,000 tonnes of plastic every year.

I have today made a small investment to show support and to track how the project progresse.

2. Volunteering for FoE Cymru

Although I have largely adopted the pose of ‘armchair activist’ at the moment, I still would like to get out there in the thick of local group campaigning.

So today I contacted Friends of the Earth Cymru to find out what activities they have in my area.

There is also a Transition group not far away so I am going to check out what they are doing to see if I can help at all.

I am rather out of touch with local group campaigning so I am very interested to see where this takes me.

3. AECB Webinar – Climate Change Starts at Home

The Association for Environment Conscious Building is an organisation that “works with its members to inspire, develop and share sustainable building practice”.

I have been a member in the past and even found a ‘green architect’ through their database some years back.

By chance I spotted that they were running a free webinar over lunchtime.

The webinar presented by building physicist and passivhaus consultant, Dr Sarah Price was titled “Climate Change Starts at Home”.

It focused on the major need to reduce energy usage in the housing stock of Britain to help combat climate change.

One term I hadn’t come across before is the idea of ‘Whole House Retrofit Plans’ and Retrofit Co-ordinators.

By chance the UK Government has just a few days ago announced a Whole House Retrofit (WHR) competition.

The webinar is available to view if you would like to watch it…

AECB Webinar : Climate Change Starts at Home with Sarah Price

4. Iechyd Da Health Food Shop Llandovery

Today I happened to be in Llandovery.

When I am there I always visit the Iechyd Da Health Food Shop.

It is a very old school whole/health food school run by a guy called Jake and crammed full of all sorts of interesting healthy, wholesome, vegan, vegetarian and organic products.

I inevitably find some things I haven’t tried before. Today it was Organic Sunflower Mince from Just Whole Foods and Granovita’s Quinoa Pate with Kale & Herbs.

This is a fascinating little shop. If you are ever in Llandovery check it out and support this great independent shop.

5. The Daily Donation – Badger Adoption – Wildlife Trusts Wales

I think badgers are great.

We have some on our land and I sometimes catch sight of them if I am coming home late at night.

Alas though in farming areas they are persecuted because of the link with TB.

To help protect them The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales is offering a fundraising scheme to ‘adopt’ a badger for £25.

This helps the Trust with their work promoting a Tuberculosis vaccine as a viable alternative to culling.

Today I adopted a badger!

I am really getting into the flow of this challenge.

It is so much fun.

A few people are already joining in including @steevc, @revisesociology and @shanibeer.

If you can’t manage five, one new thing to help the planet each day would be great..

[ all images from pixabay.com ]