Steem UK : introducing @steemclub-uk to support UK content creators

As one small step to help support and grow the Steem community in the UK I have set up the steem account @steemclub-uk.

I am delegating a large chunk of my available steempower to this account and have set up an auto-voter to start giving small votes to UK based content creators.

I have delegated 500 SP to test it works. Once all is going okay I will increase this to 2000 SP.

Initially I plan to give all 120+ UK steemians a 10% vote per day.

I will monitor this over the next week or so to see if this percentage is sustainable.

I am trying this out as a personal commitment initially but if anyone would like to delegate to the account feel free.

Options for voting percentages

Once it is established there are a number of options to be considered for determining who gets what voting percentage.

  • Should everyone get an equal vote regardless of other factors?
  • Should people be rewarded with greater voting percentages if they are active in promoting steem in the UK?
  • Should people be rewarded with greater voting percentages according to how much they have delegated to the account?
  • Or should some combination of all three measures be employed?

If activity in promoting steem is a factor how should that be determined?

Thoughts and opinions welcome on this…

Curation Trail

I have also set up a Curation Trail on theĀ @steemclub-uk account if anyone fancies supporting that with their vote.

SteemClub-UK Discord Server

I have also set up a Discord Server to help with networking and the organisation of events and meetups.

More on that to follow shortly.

Next Steem UK Virtual Meetup

The next Steem UK Virtual Meetup has been set for Thursday 29 November.

This will take place 8pm – 11pm UK time during my radio show on MSP Waves.

Everyone is welcome to join in.