SOS Daily News : all you need to know about the State of Steem @ 25 December 2018


Happy Christmas, happy festive season, or happy whatever applies in your neck of the woods.

No presents from Santa for the steem price, But hey-ho, that’s crypto.

Not so much going on on Steem today, but just enough to catch the eye, and throw in a sneaky double-take if the wind is blowing in the right direction.


@ura-soul has been working hard on this project to make the sign-up and onboarding process a whole bunch better.

Password recovery is front and centre in the new proposed signup processes – that makes mega-sense to me.

An Account Incubation process also looks like a smart idea.

@ura-soul’s whole proposed @steempassport procedure hits many nails on many heads.

This proposal definitely look like it should be driven home.

@ura-soul how can we help you make this reality?

@dcommerce v @dstors – it’s make your mind up time

This really seems to have got itself into a big pickle.

The team behind @dstors has split on seemingly less than friendly terms.

Creative differences perhaps.

A battle for the hearts and minds… and delegations is ensuing.

There are plenty of posts (see below) from both sides bouncing back and forth.

Take a read and see what you think.

It’s black and white and read all over.

SOS Forums – to committee or not to committee, that is the question

During the second State of Steem Forum last Thursday, Matt @starkerz tasked me with putting out a post outlining a possible way forward for some form of committee structure…

@impactn has posted a very good follow-up to my post. He proposes Circles of Engagement. A very interesting idea.

Take a read, post a comment, join in the discussion…

Read. Absorb. Digest. Discuss. Act. Together.

Become part of the Steem (R)Evolution.

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.288 2018-12-26 06:18 UTC
SBD price US$ 0.696 2018-12-26 06:18 UTC
Market Cap US$ 87,895,285 2018-12-26 06:18 UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #53 (-1) 2018-12-26 06:18 UTC
No. of Whales 36 (n/c) 2018-12-24
No. of Orcas 311 (+1) 2018-12-24
No. of Dolphins 1938 (+3) 2018-12-24
No. of Minnows 9087 (n/c) 2018-12-24

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@therealwolf – Open Letter to Ned

@steemitblog – Happy Holidays From Steemit!

@steemitblog – Introducing MIRA

@ned – RocksDB and SMTs Announcement


#18 @thecryptodrive / @buildteam – BuildTeam CEO Update: 2019 Roadmap

#71 @emrebeyler – Steem Santa is here. Free STEEM accounts for your family and friends!

#75 @ura-soul / @steempassport – User Onboarding, Incubation & Recovery For the Steem Eco-System: A Draft Software Specification

#97 @felixxx – Witness Shutdown

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@cryptoandcoffee – A Steemit degree of sorts

@impactn – Going beyond committees – an answer to @pennsif and @starkerz

@tarazkp – Collecting – and unboxing Steem

@taskmaster4450 – dStors? dCommerce? dWhat?

@whatsup – Introducing DMACS….


@buildteam / @thecryptodrive – BuildTeam CEO Update: 2019 Roadmap

@dcommerce / @dstors / @taskmaster4450 – dStors? dCommerce? dWhat?

@dcommerce – dStors Splits & dCommerce Emerges

@dcommerce – dCommerce and Steem blockchain

@dstors – OFFICIAL statement from @dStors

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@steempassport – User Onboarding, Incubation & Recovery For the Steem Eco-System: A Draft Software Specification

If you want to check on progress of development on Steem, check out the GitHub here…



Yahoo Finance – Steem Added to State of the DApps Listings

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