SOS Daily News : all you need to know about the State of Steem @ 3 December 2018

Steem is facing difficult times.

Steemit Inc has cut staff and is pulling back to let the community take on a greater role in the running of the blockchain.

Steem is teetering at #50 on CoinMarketCap.

Action is needed. Ideas are coming forward. Communication is paramount.

I am starting this daily update to bring together the key data, the most important information, the best ideas and the critical calls to action.

Read. Absorb. Digest. Act. Together.

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

Steem price US$ 0.316 2018-12-04 04:48 UTC
SBD price US$ 0.788 2018-12-04 02:36 UTC
Market Cap US$ 95,263,117 2018-12-04 02:36 UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #50 2018-12-04 02:36 UTC
No. of Whales 36 2018-12-02
No. of Orcas 300 2018-12-02
No. of Dolpins 1889 2018-12-02

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@ned – Next Livestream this Thursday, Dec. 6th at 11am CST    [ NB this is 5pm UTC ]

@ned – Steemit, Inc. Blockchain Roadmap and Cost Reductions

@ned – Third Test Livestream; Steemit Update

@andrarchy – Why Social App Developers Should Avoid Protocol Development, and Vice Versa

@steemitdev – Upcoming Changes to


#6 @blocktrades – BlockTrades RocksDB proposal to Steemit

#12 @ lukestokes.mhth / @lukestokes – Where is Steem going? How will it get there?

#14 @utopian-io – Utopian is ready to seek investors. 1M USD goal for year 2019

#17 @yabapmatt – The Case For Advertising on Steem-Based Websites

#30 @therealwolf – My commitment is with Steem – Keeping my focus

#38 @blockbrothers / @exyle – Vlog 377: Re-evaluation of the blockchain from top to bottom

#38 @blockbrothers / @exyle – [Witness evaluation post #1] These witnesses run a full node. Voting suggestions if you care about decentralising the blockchain

#38 @blockbrothers / @exyle – One new insight can spark lots of new ideas

#38 @blockbrothers / @exyle – is running at a loss! Start generating revenue or get out, you are strangling other applications from succeeding

#45 @firepower – These Times Make You Wait & Watch!

#50 fyrst-witness / @fyrstikken – How much is really this Average Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer Salary?

#50 fyrst-witness / @fyrstikken – Shit, fix this shit or your tokens will be worth pennies, @ned!

#57 @holger80 – Monthly fullnode report for November 2018

#58 @dragosroua – A Few Thoughts About A Potential Witness Crisis We May Hit At Some Point

For more details of posts from Witnesses check @timcliff’s latest The Reports from the Witnesses 2018-12-02


@daan – I’m Not Going Anywhere – Positive About the Future of Steem!

@llfarms – An Open Freewrite Letter To The “Doers” Of Steem | From The Token “Kindergarten Teacher”

@lordbutterfly – What is it about STEEM that its tanking so hard? // An open letter to STEEMIT.INC

@louisthomas – How to Save Steemit – My Uninvited Opinion

@nathanmars – I’m moving forward with my dream of becoming an Angel Investor, If you’ve dreams, vision and goals then I’ll contact you directly and invite you personally to join our DtubeFamily777

@paulag – Full STEEM ahead – STEEM business is Your Business and My Business

@prameshtyagi – Tron and Steem Leaders are set to talk

@steevc – A 7-year-old is making millions on Youtube. What could be possible on Steem?

@tarazkp – Advertising the blockchain away

@taskmaster4450 – Steemit: Where Was The CFO?

@theycallmedan – The Gut Check


@dstors – New brand identity + What is the value of dStors?

@dtaste / @immanuel94 – DTaste | Free Account Creation now available | Thanks to the Onboarding API by oracle-D

@steemmonsters – Latest Steem Monsters Updates!


The Telegraph (UK) – Crypto start-ups hit by layoffs as falling prices bite

BlockchainReporter – Crypto Bear Market Forces Steemit to Lay off 70% of its Employees

CoinGeek – Steemit Restructures With 70% Job Losses, Citing Crypto Slowdown

This is a first run of this daily news service.

The format and content will evolve with each edition.

Please let me know of any important posts or key data that should be included. Comment below or message me on Discord Pennsif#9921

[ graphic by @pennsif ]