Steem has been good to me – 5 ways I am trying to give back

In the 18 months I have been on the platform steem has given me a lot.

I’ve learnt so many useful skills. I’ve met so many interesting people. I’ve done so many things I never thought I would. I’ve even earnt a tidy pile of steem tokens.

Most of all I have had my mind opened to the whole wide world. And all the people that live there.

The world is wondrous place – particularly when you get to know the residents of steem.

As a hobby, as a business, as a social network, as a place for personal development, or even just as a place to hang out and pass the time of day steem has been a full time giver. And I have been a full time taker of every opportunity that steem has sent my way.

But it cannot be all take and no give.

In these bloodied crypto days steem needs us. It needs us to do some giving not taking.

So I am revisiting, reviewing, re-evaluating what I do for steem.

Can I do what I do better, smarter, harder, faster. Can I do it with more brains than mourn.

This is what I do…

1.  A Dollar A Day @adollaraday

This is a charitable giving project that I got up and running in May. Steemians donate 1 SBD a day and I pool those SBDs to give out larger donations every day to currently 16 carefully vetted projects in 9 countries round the world. A Dollar A Day is on target to give out US$ 5000 by the end of the year.

2.  SteemClub-UK @steemclub-uk

I started this project more recently when I could only find well under 100 active steemians in the UK – barely more than 1 in a million of population. We’ve kicked off with a well attended first virtual meetup, discussions about mini-meetups and regional events are underway, I have set up an auto-voter with 5000 SP so far to give out a little something to every active steemian in the UK. The UK steem community is starting to come together… and there is so much more to come.

3.  MSP Waves @mspwaves

Through various name and format variations I have been hosting shows on MSP Waves since January. I have done The Alternative Lifestyle Show, My Life In 8 Songs, Here Comes The News, Use-Case Radio, The Random Radio Show… All have had a common theme of interviewing the people of steem. That is my radio thing. Now to the tune of around 400 interviewees. That is 400 steemians for whom I have provided a little bit of visibility and promotion for themselves and their projects. And we’re still going strong.

4.  Fundition

I work for Fundition, steem’s very own crowdfunding platform, doing Founder Support. That is I help people with preparing their project proposals and giving them ongoing assistance. So far I have helped several dozen founders with projects which have gone on to raise thouands of dollars. Fundition keeps on working for the good.

5.  And coming next… the Positive Steemians Club

I am always cooking up new ideas to try out. Some work, some don’t. There are still so many areas I would like to help with – improving onboarding and retention, growing the steem community in South America, developing the homesteading and prepping communities, encouraging more young people on to steem… the list is endless. Alas my time and resources are not. So I have to be selective. Last Thursday I threw a new idea up in the air to see if it would stick – the Positive Steemians Club. Giving air time to those great steemians with positive ideas to promote and improve steem. I hope this project has legs.

And one last thing, I buy steem. When I can afford it and when someone is selling. I do all my trades person to person to lessen or avoid fees and exchange costs as much as possible. If you are selling buzz me…

So that is what I am doing to give back to the community, and to help grow steem.

One person. Never enough. Giving it my best shot.