The Steem News in 10 posts @ 11 April 2019

Steem keeps steeming…

In the news Utopian gets a new chance, the Steem Foundation elections begin and the Actifit ISO kicks off.

And there’s eSteem Surfer, TOOTTC, Steem Engine, DLux, Steem RPC Nodes and Aid.Venezuela.

1. A New Chance for Utopian

Utopian founder @elear reports that a generous donation of 25,000 SBD has been received from the anonymous @freedom account to cover the costs of the next phase of the platform’s development.

The Utopian Colony project will now move ahead with its plan to become the key platform for open source collaboration.

The Indiegogo campaign will continue for the remaining 18 days both to raise funds and awareness.


If you missed the third episode of DO with @pennsif the recording is now available.

Guests on the show included @project7 (@steemhunt), @mcfarhat (@actifit), @paulag (10,000 Minnows), @hauptmann (, (OpenBazaar) and @makinstuff (Surthrival Trailer).

2. Foundation Structure Proposal Election now open to all

The Foundation Structure Proposal Election has begun.

Following community feedback the Steem Alliance Working Group administering the election has extended the voting period to 24 April.

The requirement for pre-registration for voting has also been dropped and so voting is now open to all.

3. Actifit ISO kicks off

Actifit’s Initial Steem Offering kicked off at 1pm UTC on Friday 12 April on

4. Steem – the robotic gamblers blockchain?

Steem data cruncher @abh12345 has produced an analysis of what is behind the recent large rise in transfers on Steem.

Gambling app @magicdice accounted for over 70% of the transactions due to the large number of automated accounts running gambling bots.

5. eSteem Surfer update adds new features

Witness developer @good-karma has released a new version of the eSteem Surfer desktop client.

Updates in version 2.0.7 include a power down feature and a facility for searching the friends list.

6. TOOTTC gets a quick Film Festival response

Filmmaker @brian-rhodes reports that he has already had a positive first response to the submission of his steem backed film ‘The Order of Things to Come’ to Canadian film festivals.

7. Steem Engine Transaction and Market History tool

Developer @eonwarped has put together a quick tool for exploring the history of Steem Engine token transfers and market trades.

8. Putting the Social back into Steem

@glenalbrethsen discusses the importance of commenting and engagement in putting the ‘social’ back into the Steem social media platform.

He highlights the importance of the Curation and Engagement Leagues hosted by @abh12345 in helping encourage engagement.

9. The daily distribution of DLUX tokens

Innovative Steem XR developers @dlux-io have started publishing daily reports of the distribution of their DLUX token.

10. Steem RPC Nodes

Witness @timcliff has updated the list of public Steem RPC Nodes.

There are currently 10 active nodes – one run by Steemit Inc and the other nine run by top witnesses.

BONUS #1. Know Your Audience…

@hitmeasap discusses the how the average user experiences Steem and whether Steemit Inc knows its audience…

BONUS #2. Aid.Venezuela Food for Life project update

The @aid.venezuela project set up by @elarca founder @zaxan has given an update on the Food For Life scheme.

In its first phase Food for Life managed to provide food for two weeks to 80 children and adults with severe and moderate cases of malnutrition. The project hopes to triple this target in the next phase.

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.425 12 Apr’19 2.17am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.983 12 Apr’19 2.17am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #51 (-1) 12 Apr’19 2.17am UTC
FCAS Score 547 (+2) / C / #86 12 Apr’19 2.17am UTC
No. of Whales 35 (n/c) 10 Apr ’19
No. of Orcas 340 (-1) 10 Apr ’19
No. of Dolphins 1974 (n/c) 10 Apr ’19
No. of Minnows 9330 (-5) 10 Apr ’19
Alexa rank ( #5,031 (-31) 12 Apr’19 2.17am UTC
Unique visitors ( 228,222 / day 12 Apr’19 2.17am UTC

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