The Steem News in 10 posts @ 12 April 2019

The Steem news keep rolling in.

The HUNT token to be listed on Monday. Steem Business Alliance opens its doors for new members. The Steem Proposal System is just about done.

Also a Steem Community Directory, changing the Curation/Author split, and DTube.Forum, Vimm.TV, DTube, OpenBazaar, NextColony and Indie Journalists…

1. HUNT Token listing on Monday & $25K Trading Competitions

Steemhunt has announced that the HUNT token will be listed on the Daybit exchange starting 15 April, 3.50am UTC.

There will also be HUNT and BTC prized trading competitions for this listing event – with a prize pool of around US$25,000 equivalent.

2. Steem Business Alliance open for new members

The Steem Business Alliance is now accepting applications for membership. Businesses can apply as Working Members or Supporting Members, individuals can apply as Contributors.

The new organisation has also published its 2019 roadmap.

3. Steem Proposal System will be completed on Monday

@blocktrades has announced that the Steem Proposal System (Steem.DAO) will be completed on Monday.

It will then be passed over to Steemit Inc to arrange for it to be incorporated into a Hardfork so it can become active on the blockchain.

4. Time to change the author/curator reward split?

Steem investor @theycallmedan has put forward the suggestion that post rewards should be altered to a 50/50 split between authors and curators. This would increase curation and discourage bid-bots.

@practicalthought has offered a response to Dan’s proposed change…

5. Creating a Directory of Steem Communities

@steemcommunity witness partner @paulag is creating a directory of Steem communities to help newcomers particularly find suitable communities.

6. Steem Alliance Townhall Meeting Recording

The Steem Alliance has posted the recording of the Townhall meeting from 10 April that included presentations from all five remaining Foundation structure proposal teams. The meeting was hosted by @blind-spot and @pennsif.

The recording post invites discussion about the five proposals put forward by @upheaver, @alexvan, @TheHive, @impactn and @shadowspub.

7. D.Tube Forum gains third super sponsor has gained its third super sponsor with @mariusfebruary now backing the event.

The Forum takes place in Barcelona from 17 – 19 May.

8. Vimm.TV is looking for backers

@vimm is looking for backers from the community to help it grow and develop.

> Some of the features we’d like to bring like adding regional ingests, improving transcoding quality and adding stream replays will be quite costly. In an effort to speed up development of those features, we are now turning to the community for voluntary contributions.

9. DTube shows its (new) colours

DTube has unveiled its new logo and colour scheme.

> Time has come to unveil DTube’s new logo that foreshadows the launch of an exciting new version of DTube.

10. Integrating STEEM with OpenBazaar – project update

The @steemonob project to integrate STEEM with OpenBazaar is making progress.

The team are now urgently looking for a GO developer, as well as additional funding support to finance the project.

BONUS #1. Indie Journalists on Steem has produced a very useful list of independent journalists on Steem. Check out and follow…

BONUS #2. NextColony Sci-Fi RPG Story Contest

There are still 8 days remaining to enter the Next Colony sponsored Sci-Fi RPG Story Contest.

@oliverschmid of NextColony is supporting the contest with a prize pool of 50 STEEM.

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.433 13 Apr’19 2.19am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.994 13 Apr’19 2.19am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #51 (n/c) 13 Apr’19 2.19am UTC
FCAS Score 548 (+2) / C / #86 13 Apr’19 2.19am UTC
No. of Whales 35 (n/c) 11 Apr ’19
No. of Orcas 340 (n/c) 11 Apr ’19
No. of Dolphins 1975 (+1) 11 Apr ’19
No. of Minnows 9327 (-3) 11 Apr ’19
Alexa rank ( #5,055 (-24) 13 Apr’19 2.19am UTC
Unique visitors ( 228,222 / day 13 Apr’19 2.19am UTC

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