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1. Final proposals for the Steem Foundation elections

The closing date for the submission of structure proposals for the Steem Foundation has been reached.

Six proposals remain in the running by @alexvan, @impactn, @upheaver, @shadowspub, @TheHive and @jackmiller.

Voting on the proposals will take place 10 – 17 April. To vote you must pre-register by 8 April. At the time of writing 394 people have registered to vote. Make sure you add your voice – REGISTER!

2. Final IEO for Steemhunt coming up, site traffic booms

The final round of Steemhunt’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) starts on the Daybit exchange on 8 April.

This round will be for STEEM, BTC, ETH and EOS and will have 400,000 HUNT tokens ($8,000) in prizes.

Since Steemhunt began its IEOs on 14 March it has seen a 600% growth in traffic to its site.

@dlike and @actifit are now looking to follow Steemhunt’s success with their own IEOs. Dlike kicks off its first IEO on 8 April.

3. Three into one does go – The Merger Proposal

At the eleventh hour three of the Foundation proposals announced they were merging to form a new united proposal tagged ‘The Merger’.

The Grow the Chain (@bluefinstudios), S+ Foundation (@guiltyparties) and Stars Align (@aggroed) proposal teams have joined together with collaboration and input from @whatsup and leading Steem Alliance Working Group members @eonwarped, @llfarms and @shadowspub.

4. Steemhunt drops an investment bombshell on @exyle

Leading Steem commentator and witness @exyle is excited by the investment prospects offered by the new Steemhunt Market-Price-Pegged HUNT Bounty Program.

He believes the 20% annual return offered to delegators by Steemhunt could become a more attractive investment proposition than bid bots.

5. Big Things coming for Steem

The future is looking large for Steem according to @taskmaster4450.

Many positive changes have taken place on the Steem chain since the dark redundancy days. Steemit Inc are transitioning from survive to thrive modes, and developments from the community are coming on big time.

One stand-out move that @taskmaster4450 cites is the announcement by token creation platform Steem-Engine that it is becoming a fully-fledged exchange. New doors are opening.

6. The Minnows are rising…

As part of @steevc’s 10,000 Minnows iniative witness @paulag led the charge with the challenge to make 250 minnows (500 SP) in a month.

Although the net gain was tempered by an outflow of existing minnows powering down, the project succeeded in its goal with 316 new minnows being created in the month.

But important lessons were learnt…

7. The Steem Power distribution is improving

@taskmaster4450 reports that the percentage of Steem Power in the hands of the top whales and orcas is continuing to decrease.

Although the pace of change is slow the distribution of stake across the platform is improving. Projects like 10,000 Minnows are playing a part in building the Steem ‘Middle Class’.

8. Steem Merchants gets another signup

Despite the current political and economic difficulties in Venezuela the Steem Merchants project has managed to sign up another business to start accepting payments in STEEM and SBD.

Karla Gomez Makeup Artist in the capital Caracas has become the eight business to join the project.

9. SwapSteem SWEET’Drop is live

New peer-to-peer Steem exchange SwapSteem has begun the airdrop of its SWEET token…

10. Steem Digital Asset Report – a good read?

This is not a Steem post but an external in-depth review of the current state of Steem.

It is always good to get an outsider’s perspective on the State of Steem.

This report taglines with “Steem has multiple problematic issues: but incentivizing users may be the biggest.”

Is the review sound, fair and accurate – or is it woefully off-target?

You read. You decide…

BONUS POST – Nathan Mars says it like it is

Dynamic Steem promoter @nathanmars gets some things off his chest and reaffirms his commitment to making Steem a success…

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.511 06 Apr’19 2.35am UTC
SBD price US$ 1.07 06 Apr’19 2.35am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #50 (n/c) 06 Apr’19 2.35am UTC
FCAS Score 534 (n/c) / C / #86 06 Apr’19 2.35am UTC
No. of Whales 35 (+1) 04 Apr ’19
No. of Orcas 340 (-1) 04 Apr ’19
No. of Dolphins 1975 (-3) 04 Apr ’19
No. of Minnows 9340 (+11) 04 Apr ’19
Alexa rank ( #4,943 (-27) 06 Apr’19 2.35am UTC
Unique visitors ( 231,039 / day 06 Apr’19 2.35am UTC

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