What Steem needs now – purpose, profile and passion

The Chinese authorities rate Steem as a top 5 blockchain.

But on Coinmarketcap Steem is down in the 80’s.

Something is not connecting. Something is missing.

There is no simple answer but I am going to take a stab at it.

In just three words…


What is the purpose of Steem?

What is our Unique Selling Point?

What makes us better than those 80 other coins above us on CMC?

We need to define our purpose. In simple terms. That everyone understands.


Once we know what that purpose is we need to tell the world and its three legged dog.

We need to do that yesterday, today and tomorrow.

No more “we’re not ready for the masses”.

That’s baloney. The ship will have sailed.

We need marketing, we need publicity, we need PR. We need it now.

We need to cross the Atlantic in a racing yacht.

We can’t wait until 2030.


We need empowerment. We need commitment.

We need to be on a war footing.

We need to send troops to the frontline.

We need to do battle with belief.

We need to fight the good fight.

We need passion not DPorn.

A five minute freewrite.

My rant after midnight.

Or just my thoughts for the day.

[ image by @pennsif ]