SteemClub-UK : say hello to these new UK steemians @ 21 November 2018

I have just posted the latest list of active UK steemians on the @steemclub-uk account.

We are now 143 in number, and growing steadily.

What will be critical now, particularly in these difficult crypto times, is retention. We must do our utmost to keep all the current UK steemians onboard and active.

This is really, really important with newcomers to the platform.

I will therefore be putting out this Welcome post every week or so as I come across new UK steemians.

Please do visit their posts, upvote them, leave comments and make them feel welcome. We really want them to stick around.

So here are this week’s newcomers…

@ebookwriter – from Halifax

Tony joined Steem last month and describes himself as an ex-electrician, a dreamer and a writer. He also served in the REME corps of the British Army.

You can read his introductory post here…

And his latest post here…

@earthkind – based in London

Shawn originally started on Steem in January 2018. But he only made 3 posts then before going quiet until a few days ago.

Now he has made a new introductory DTube video…

Amongst other things Shawn is a vegan.

@elizabethharvey – in the hills of Wales

Elizabeth is a 38 year old mother of three based in my neck of the woods in the mountains of Wales.

She just joined Steem yesterday and here is her introductory post…

Elizabeth is a former model and now a keen runner.

Other worthy mentions…

It is good to see video expert **Rudolfo Crisafulli @rod.crisafulli** back active on steem after a break of a couple of months. His latest post looks very interesting…

Why do we all need to be prepared to make video?!

I have just this evening found **@susanlo** via a @stephenkendal post. Susan is from Hong Kong but currently studying in London. Here is her latest post about how she met @stephenkendal at the first UK DigiByte meetup in London…

My Stories #29 – FIRST DigiByte UK meetup! Let’s meet its founder and @stephenkendal !

We have now also started to add ex-pats to the UK Steem list. **@minismallholding** living in Australia is the latest ex-pat to come onboard with SteemClub-UK.

That’s all for today.

Let me know if you spot any other new UK steemians around and about.

In the meantime please do visit / comment / upvote especially the newcomers mentioned in this post.

Thank you.