Five ways Steem has changed my life, and what comes next…

In my 50+ years I have been involved in many causes, many organisations, many communities and many new activities. Some for shorter, some for longer.

But of all of these, the past 18 months on Steem has been more intense, more condensed and more all round impactful on my life than any other of my past endeavours.

Steem has taught me, steem has changed me, steem has made a indelible mark on my life…

1. The World of Crypto

Steem has been my entry point to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

As well as learning about Steem itself it has prompted me to explore other parts of the crypto world. I am seeing clearly that this is a world with many, many, many possibilities.

With every crypto stone I turn over another idea sprouts up before me. Fertile lands are just over the horizon.

2. Justice, Equality & A Dollar A Day

The single most important part of Steem for me is without a doubt A Dollar A Day.

Running this charitable giving organisation on Steem has opened my eyes so, so wide.

Talking directly to the people at the other end of the line, hearing how they live, about the problems they face and the solutions they are trying to implement has changed my outlook on the world big time and a half.

I have connected so directly with the people I work with. It is difficult not to have a heightened sense of responsibility to get involved and do the very, very best I can to help.

And A Dollar A Day has helped, a little at least. Even in these difficult days A Dollar A Day has managed to raise approaching US$ 5000 since the project started in May.

This has clearly demonstrated the potential of the Steem blockchain to do good in the world. I do so hope A Dollar A Day can continue to grow and develop in its present form, in its present place.

3. Radio Shows

Becoming a show host on MSP Waves has been my biggest personal revelation from being involved in Steem.

I had never hosted radio shows before, and I would never have dreamed of doing so if not for Steem.

And it has been such a fascinating and enjoyable part of my steem life. Since starting in January, through the various incarnations, I have put out almost 70 shows.

What’s more, on those shows I have now interviewed around 400 steemians. That has been a joy, a pleasure, a privilege,¬†an honour to get to know so many people on the platform in this way.

4. Vegetarian & Vegan

Back in March I interviewed @teamsteem on my Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves. We talked at length about his choice to be vegan. Then a few weeks later I brought together 10 steem vegans for a vegan special edition of the show. This covered all the different angles of why people become vegan… health, ethics, environment etc.

I had never been a big meat eater. But since those shows I have not eaten any. I am totally vegetarian.

Going full vegan, particularly having our own chickens, has been a longer, and more windy journey. But the ultimate goal is coming close.

I feel healthier for it.

5. Sleep

The other four have been big positives. But it would be dishonest for me not to include this rather more negative impact of steem.

With a 24 hour round the world community I commonly find myself chatting on Discord into the wee small hours with people in earlier timezones.

And there is always more to do. Posts to write, comments to make, shows to listen to, interviews to arrange, donations to send. I set myself steem targets each day – and I try to get them done before going to sleep.

This is not good. I have written about it before. I know it has got to change.

It will, I am trying harder.

So Steem has changed my life. Mostly for the better.

Whatever comes next these past 18 months have been fruitful.

I will wish for many months more…