I Buy Steem – back in the market to support my delegation projects

I have now set up three new projects to support various communities on the steemchain – @adollaraday, @altlife and @piecesof8.

To kickstart these projects I have delegated 9,000 of my 10,000 SteemPower.

So I am looking to buy more steem to build up my main @pennsif account again and to allow me to delegate more SteemPower to the three projects.

With the low steem price it is a great time to buy.

Unfortunately for those selling it is not such a good time. But as a little compensation I charge no additional fees for the transactions, beyond any inbuilt fees in the transfer mechanism (usually PayPal), so this method of exchange will definitely be the most cost effective way of converting steem to fiat if you do need to sell at the moment.

It will certainly be a lot cheaper than going through the exchanges.

My steem purchases are based on the CoinMarketCap.com steem / US dollar exchange rate, and the BBC US dollar / UK pound rate at point of transaction.

I generally use PayPal for the transactions, but can use Amazon Gift Cards for UK and some of Europe, or other transfer methods such as TransferWise or Western Union if needed.

Transactions are coordinated via Discord, or email as required.

Trust is obviously an issue in these sorts of peer-to-peer deals but I have been buying steem this way for 8 months now and can provide a range of reference sellers if needed.

Generally I recommend starting with small amounts (up to 30 steem) for the first transactions until we are comfortable trading with each other.

So if you do need to sell leave a comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

I can provide a fast and cheap exchange service. And you will also be supporting my three community support projects :

  • @adollaraday – a daily charitable giving project
  • @altlife – supporting people engaged with The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves
  • @piecesof8 – supporting musicians appearing on the My Life In 8 Songs on MSP Waves