I feel inspired – anyone for a meetup in Bristol?

I feel inspired. By the Netcoins vote. By my radio shows. By A Dollar A Day.

I hope I will still feel so inspired 5 hours from now when the Netcoins vote is over. Steem is in first place, let us stay there…

* http://contest.gonetcoins.com/

I am not going to Steemfest but I would like to meet more steemians… in Britain.

It’s a numbers game. And we need to get more numbers.

I wrote the other day about being One in a Million. That won’t cut the mustard. We need more. We need more of everyone.

Talking on the Food & Steem radio show on Thursday there are great ideas afoot – but they need numbers, they need people, they need critical mass.

We need to get together, to work together, to stick together. To get out on the streets and tell people about steem.

Way back when @starkerz and @anarcotech and @stephenkendal kicked off Promo-UK, and thence Promo-Steem, with a tour of UK universities. They went out and told people about steem.

Now I think we can refine the message. Blog, vote, earn is not the message anymore.

We need to tell people about everything else on steem.

We can tell them about DTube without censorship, about Fundition to raise funds without fees, about Steemmonsters for card games on the chain, about Actifit, about DLike, about Steemhunt, about Tasteem, about A Dollar A Day…

We have a heck of a lot going on this steem blockchain to tell people about.

A meetup in Bristol?

So to a meetup. The UK is rather lacking. Wales is spread too, too, too thinly now.

Over the border I must go. Bristol looks ripe for the picking. It is an alternative leaning city. It has a local currency, the Bristol Pound, and it is a green city with Green Party councillors and bike lanes aplenty.

Maybe the UK needs three meetups – London, Bristol and somewhere up north, or at least in the Midlands. And Scotland?

I don’t think Britain could sustain more than three meetups at present. So let’s start there.

I am willing to make a move on Bristol. Anyone game for organising one up north? London is the easy one.

Who would come to a meetup in Bristol?

Anyone know any active steemians around Bristol and the south west?

It’s time to rally the troops, to step up to the plate, to get out on the streets, to the fight the good fight.

Vive la rĂ©volution … steem est arrivĂ©.