Pennsif’s Progress #567 – Am I a full-time steemian, or just a keen amateur

Well, there’s a good question…?

I guess there are two starting points to answer that.

Firstly, do I earn the majority of my income from steem? Most definitely not, at least at present?

Secondly, do I spend the majority of my time on steem. Most definitely yes.

So am I full-time steemian?

I am wanting to say yes. But let’s analyse this a bit further first…


I run a small business the rest of my day, but that gives me considerable flexibility.

As well as bits and pieces during breaks on my working day, from 5pm steem becomes my primary focus – usually until at least midnight.

And weekends and holidays… I’m on steem a lot / most of the time.

In the average week I am usually clocking up about 50 hours on steem. My day time job is 37.5 hours a week plus holidays.

So steem wins on time.


I was somewhat surprised when I checked on steemworld to see that I am now averaging over US$500 a month in total steem rewards.

Living in Britain with three teenage children and a whole bunch of outgoings US$500 would not be enough to live on (if I wasn’t earning from my other job).

But that $500 is when steem is at $1.

How goes it if steem went back to $3 or $4 or $5…?

Then the future definitely looks steem coloured.

So here comes the big question.

If steem went back up to say $5 and it looked like it was staying there, or going up further, would I take the plunge, bite the bullet, grasp the nettle and go full-tilt, head-on and all-in with steem?

If I quit my job, there would be no going back. I would be a steem man.

I came for the money, I found the community, I took the opportunity.