Pennsif’s Progress #572 – Last Duck Down

Today my last duck died.

He was very old and the last of five brothers who came to us as homeless muscovies about 3 years ago.

Mr Goose is now the only remaining member of the Aerial Defence Unit in charge of keeping the buzzards away from the chickens.

New recruits will be needed.

But first I must spend a few minutes to honour my fallen duck friend.

He and his four brothers were given to us, along with their lifelong friend Mr Goose, three years ago when a couple of our friends were forced to sell-up their smallholding (homestead) due to illness. They managed to sell off their more economically useful lifestock. But no one wanted five old muscovy ducks and an orphaned greylag goose.

So we gave them a home.

Alas two of them were only with us very briefly as they flew over the fence on the second day. Their previous owners had told us they didn’t fly. I guess they smelt our lake a few hundred yards down the mountain.

Unfortunately they didn’t stay on the water or go to the island in the middle of the lake. I guess they made a good meal for our local foxes.

The other three ducks, along with the goose, had a good life with us, guarding the chicken flock from the buzzards and kites. Two died last winter of natural causes. This last one made it to about 9 years old.

You can read more about them in one of my early contest posts on steemit – What the Muscovy Brothers would do with $50 SBD

They even featured in a YouTube video…

Farewell my duck friend – you served us well.