Pennsif’s Progress #577 – The Organic Goldmine and a three legged dog

Today we went for a trip to the seaside.

In fact to Aberaeron, a seaside town not so far from us.

We go there quite often as it is a nice little town with some nice little shops and an ice cream parlour that sells handmade honey ice-cream that used to be nice.

And today there was a three-legged dog.

Aberaeron is also a nice little town as it is so little that it doesn’t have a supermarket.

Instead it has a Costcutter – one of those small town convenience store chains that inhabit many towns around Britain.

We don’t normally do any shopping there as we have a couple of ‘proper’ supermarkets in our town that are considerably cheaper.

Today we thought we would pop in to check it out.

Wow, we were super surprised. They had a whole section dedicated to organic food, as well as various organic products scattered around the shop.

We are keen organic shoppers whenever we can afford organic and whenever we can find organic. Usually in our home town the pickings are quite sparse.

Who’d have thought it in little Aberaeron – this was definitely a case of judging by it its cover…

We grabbed and dashed and got a whole pile of organic goodies we hadn’t seen before.

I am particularly keen to try the Geo brand Thick Vegetable Stew.

Generally we would make our own but two of our daugthers are off to university in September so I am keen to find good quality, nutritious and ideally organic ‘ready meal’ type products we can stock them up with.

It has good ingredients, good nutrition ratings, is easy to prepare and it is not so expensive (£1.89 / US$2.40).

They might make good emergency uni-stocks for both.

Interestingly while looking online for more about this Geo product I found an interesting ethical wholesaler Premcrest. Maybe I can get an account with them to seriously cut down the costs on our organic purchases…


Another organic product that was particularly interesting was the organic bread. Thomas’s Bakery is a very traditional local business – not one I would have suspected of moving into making organic products.

On the way back from Aberaeron we popped into Blaencamel Organic Farm. They have a little shop in a shed selling surplus organic fruit and veg.

It was late in the day when we dropped by so there wasn’t much left but I was impressed by their polytunnels. They seem to sprout new ones every time we visit. Their business must be growing.

The future is bright. The future is organic…