Pennsif’s Progress #579 – That day you realise when summer is almost gone…

That day you realise when summer is almost gone…

The nights are getting longer, cooler

and darker to the touch.

I had such a great list of things to do this summer.

But too much I had to do the do’s I didn’t want to

And not enough the does I did.

As you can see I don’t do poetry, but heck why not just a few feeble lines on a Friday.

Somehow this evening it dawned on me that the summer days are racing away and I really haven’t done a fraction of things I had hoped to.

Too much steem, not enough time, to0 much work, not enough time.

The weather was too hot, too dry, too rainy, too windy. All at the same time. The weather was made for us Brits to hurl complaints at.

I just want to potter about in the garden. But the bugs kept biting back.

Still time to clear some beds to plant more crops – definitely want to sneak in some carrots, lettuces, radishes at least.

Not been a good year for the garden.

This is a transition year. For work. For family. For health. For everything that flows and flies around me.

Changes are coming. I need to make sure I can steer them. As best I can.

All will be different in just a few months now.

Ignore this post. It is incoherent. That is where my head is today.

I need to press the button on some changes.