Pennsif’s Progress #596 – Should I, Shouldn’t I … tell him about Steem?

One of the voluntary roles I have taken on in the recent past has been as a business mentor for new startups.

I had been doing this for several years for one of Prince Charles’s charities until I got too busy on steem last year.

A new Mentor Co-ordinator has just been appointed and he contacted me a few days ago to see if I would be interested in restarting the mentoring.

We met in a local cafe. He ordered a latte. They ran out of milk.

Fifteen minutes later the milk arrived from a nearby supermarket. Unimpressed by what my local town has to offer we began the meeting.

A big European grant, which should continue after 2019, has funded coordinators in every county in Wales. Operations are being ramped up, more ‘clients’ are being found, more mentors are needed.

I agreed. It could be fun to get back into mentoring.

He told me about some of the startups looking for mentors. One was a woman setting up a vegan food trailer to take around food festivals and other events.

That is right up my street but alas just too far away.

It reminded me of a project I saw on Fundition recently… @the.foodini’s STEEMtruck project.

And I was about to tell the Mentor Co-ordinator all about steem, and all about Fundition, and how we could get all the startups on steem and they could help finance their new businesses through the blockchain…

But I held back. It might just be a bit too much for a first meeting. Maybe when I have got to know him a bit better.

Would he get it?  Would he think I am too weird and cranky to be a suitable business mentor?

It is difficult when I spend so much time in my little steem cocoon to comprehend that the rest of the world might not yet ‘get’ steem.

They should, they must, they have to. But slow and steady wins the race. One step at a time.

Next time I’ll tell him.

Did I bottle it?  Should I stand up and be counted at every turn?  Do I need to be bold and brash and throw caution to the wind?

Do we need to shout it from the rooftops at every opportunity?

Is that what it will take to fly steem to the moon?

That may be so. Soon.

For now I will follow the shining path, but tread with caution. One step at a time.

There are times and there are places.