Pennsif’s Progress – Can Steem save the world?

As I mentioned in a recent post I am a utilitarian.

I have to find a use in everything I do.

Steem is no exception.

I have never been a social media person so that potential use of steem doesn’t really cut the mustard for me.

When I arrived on steem I thought I would just be writing about prepping and homesteading. And I did. And it worked. But the audience was small.

As a platform to disseminate ideas and spread the word it is very limited. The audience is just too small.

There had to be another use for steem to keep me steeming on.

Was it as a means to earn money, a secondary income steam?  Well maybe, but even after 16 months, and now earning moderately good post rewards, for the hours I put in I am earning less than a third of the national minimum wage in Britain.

So there had to be something more…

For me I have found that something with A Dollar A Day.

This has given me my purpose on steem. Through running this project and so far raising over $3000 I can help make the world in some modest way a better place.

Students are learning, children are being fed, women are learning skills, trees are being planted.

It is only small, but it is a million times bigger than nothing.

Now I want to go further. The power of steem is becoming clearer.

We have in our hands a tool that has never existed before in the history of humankind – the ability to send money anywhere, anytime, instantly and for free.

Steem is an equaliser, an amplifier, and potentially a powerful agent for change.

What more can we do with it?

How can we use it to make the world a better place?

We can provide good jobs at good rates of pay around the world like @oracle-d, we can fund projects that make lives better like @fundition, we can disseminate real news and spread the truth like @informationwar, we can clear rubbish and pollution like @cleanplanet.

I am pretty sure that most people on steem will agree. The world is far from perfect and it is a world that needs saving.

How can steem play a part in that?