Pennsif’s Progress – Finding my creed – Truth, Justice, Equality

Today I was looking at the website of one of our web hosting suppliers.

They offered up a page saying what their ‘Creed’ is.

I thought this to be an interesting use of the word in a business context. I would have generally only thought of using that word in a personal or religious context.

But it made me think – what is my creed?

Before I try to define my creed I think best to take a quick rain-check to ensure I am not about to use creed in the wrong context.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary gives this :

Definition of creed

1 : a brief authoritative formula of religious belief

2 : a set of fundamental beliefs; also : a guiding principle

The second of these works perfectly.

So what is my creed ?

I have most certainly evolved during my 14 months on steem.

Steem presents at my fingertips the means to do good things. By doing good things I hope I can become better.

I do not think I was a bad person before steem. But I was contained in a micro world with only short distance vision and no panoramas of the world to inspire and drive me.

Now I have steem-powered vision and the whole world is coming in to view.

You might have come across a most ingenious new location system called ‘What 3 Words‘. With just 3 random words any 3m x 3m square on the planet can be defined precisely.

Taking that as a lead can I use just three words to identify my creed, my mission, my place on earth.

Here is my first stab at this but I am going for…   Truth – Justice – Equality.


I am always a seeker. I don’t believe what they tell me. I won’t to check for myself.

I want to turn over rocks, dig deep, and find the nuggets of truth that sometimes people want to bury away.

I love researching. I love getting the facts straight. I love making the point that needs to be made.

Now this is manifesting itself with my news show – Here Comes The News.

I want to find the news that others aren’t telling. I want to hear first hand from those involved and those affected.

The steem blockchain is a great place to start.


I’ve always been a supporter of the underdog.

For many years I was an environmental campaigner, doing battles to right the wrongs being done to the planet.

More often than not I would find myself on the weaker side, the underside, the downtrodden and kicked in the teeth side.

That usually meant I was on the right side.

There is still some good fight left in me. I’m just looking for what battles to pitch in with.


This is the one of the three that is perhaps hardest for me to stake my claim on.

I certainly always have equality in my sights when I am seeking the truth or fighting for justice. But I am not always sure I hit the mark.

This is my work in progress.

I must learn how to make sure I get the equality right every time.

All people. All equal. All of the time.

So that’s me. That’s my creed. In just three words.

What’s yours?