Pennsif’s Progress #612 – Can I build a local steem community (take 2)

Several posts back I wrote about the importance of local community as a key part of any good prepper’s security strategy.

That still stands tall in my planning for the bad times.

But community is for the now. It is a relish that gives more true flavour to the dish of life whatever your eating preferences or dietary requirements.

Like many on steem I have enjoyed and thrived in the community that has grown up on steemit and Discord.

But it is virtual and I suspect, alas, I will never get to meet the large majority of people I have met in the steem world.

I envy the steem homesteaders of areas like the Ozarks in the US where there seems to be a like-minded steemian at the end of every road.

How cool it would be to part of a local steem empowered community in the real world here in west Wales.

That is a great goal of mine.

I have long been active in the local community getting involved in organising festivals, establishing schemes to develop the local economy, serving as a trustee for local charities, and even running a community cinema…

At the turn of the year when I was setting up the first Wales steem meetup, I was also actively recruiting people in the area to steem.

I signed up almost a dozen at the time, including one well established YouTuber with 70K subscribers. A few of them came to the meetup in February.

I even developed plans to run steem training sessions and ‘Cooking with Steem’ classes for young people.

Then the steem price took a dive. Even with personal mentoring and upvoting as much as my steempower permitted I could not keep the large majority of those new recruits active on steem.

Some found it too difficult, others found it way too time consuming, and of course others just didn’t think it worth the effort for the tiny rewards they were getting. The YouTuber struggled with the limitations of the 7 day payout window.

I failed in my quest to develop a local steem community.

Now I am 6 months steem wiser, my steempower is twice what it was then, and I have a bunch of new steem dApps in the toolbox.

It is time for another go

How, who, what, when, where, if, maybe…

What can I do differently this time round?

With the steem price so low is this the worst time to try?  Or is the only way up from here?

Through my work with the @adollaraday charitable giving project I have witnessed the power of steem in helping people that really need it.

Is that a clue?  Is that relevant in Britain?

I am just starting volunteering with a local food bank. Is that a place to look for people that steem can help?

Or is that way off the scale of presumption and middle class arrogance?

In the thinly glazed steem community of the UK I am fairly sure nothing in this realm has yet been tackled or attempted.

Is their a role for steem to help tackle food poverty in this ‘prosperous’ nation called Great Britain?

Maybe I can mashup and stirfry my connections in the local permaculture community, with users of the food bank and a great big spoonful of steem sauce to cook up something that can taste good for everyone?

I am sure there are other recipes in the book, but for this first course, on the second sitting, I am willing to give it a try.

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