Pennsif’s Progress #599 – Time for change Copy

I am not quite sure why but I feel it is time for a change.
It might be the life jolt as my two eldest daughters go off to university in September.
Maybe it is because I will shortly be entering my 25th year of trading with my business.
Perhaps it is reaching one year on steem.
Or is it just because I am getting ever older…
But it is time for a change.
Talking with @kennyskitchen on my Alternative Lifestyle Show yesterday made the idea bubble up to the surface again. Kenny spoke about how he had spent some years travelling around taking on new challenges, living on the edge of his comfort zone and always looking to be ‘levelling up’.
That gaming idea of levelling up really struck a note for me. To keep on growing you really need to keep on leveling up in life. Learning new skills, meeting new people, absorbing new ideas, experiencing new experiences.
As you get older and accumulate more responsibilities of family, property, business the possibilities for change seem more limited.
In another few years some of those limitations will be removed and the options for locational and experiential change for me may open up again.
For now the change will have to be about doing more and doing different where I am, with the resources I have and the time available.
That is not so bad for me.
While in my younger years my change experiences involved a lot of travelling around the world, in my later years my passion for change became more directed outwards.
I became a campaigner, an activist and an organiser.
In various shapes and sizes, and in various roles and guises, I have been doing battle for change now for 40 years.
It is in those footsteps I want to re-tread and redirect my current efforts.
That does not signal that I want to lessen my involvement with steem, in fact quite the opposite.
I am a strong believer in the potential power of steem.
For me personally I want to see greater uses of steem.
Through my work on the A Dollar A Day project I have witnessed glimpses of a powerful use of steem.
In little, tiny, small ways steem has changed lives.
But I believe it can do so much more.
Now I want to take out steem out on to the frontline, wear it proudly on the streets, thrust it into the limelight and even chose it as my weapon of choice in hand to hand combat if it comes to that.
I want to explore new ways to use steem as an agent of change.
I have no magic silver bullet for steem, but I am cooking up a few ideas.
In the next day or two or three I will be posting about my new project.
This will be my change for the moment. Not a full 180, but definitely an appreciable rebearing.
First though I’ve got to do some jiggling and some juggling with my rather overloaded steem schedule.
What gives…

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