Pennsif’s Progress – What comes next? Six decisions made

With big life changes come big life decisions.

The departure of our two eldest children off to start university today made us stop and think.

Although we still have one younger ray of sunshine here with us for another couple of years, we know our autumn has now begun.

Driving 500 miles over the weekend to deliver our two offspring to their new destinations gave us time to think a lot, to talk a lot and to plan a lot.

That interview classic is quite pertinent … “Where do you want to be in 5 years time?”

Alive would be a good start, alive and in at least moderate good health would be even better.

In five years our youngest will have just passed through university, and the elder two will be graduated and making their way in the world.

I will be 63 and my wife a bit younger.

Running our own business we live with uncertainty. And we have done so now for almost 25 years.

And my Second Life in steem is no more certain. In reality even more so.

So from our 500 miles of driving and thinking we reached some conclusions.

  • We must look ahead.
  • We must forms plans.
  • We must make changes.
  • We must take decisions.

Reduce and become mobile

Currently we are tied.

Tied to animals. Tied to the homestead. Tied to a business. Tied to steem.

All this gets us into knots of liability and immobility.

So decisions are being made…

Decision No. 1 – Animals

All the animals have to go.

Being over six years old the cockerel exited stage left today. The others will follow shortly.

No eggs makes the vegan easier.

Decision No.2 – Minimalising & Optimising

We are getting rid of lots of things, and optimising what remains.

We may sell some of it. But giving away is more fun. If you want anything just let me know.

Decision No.3 – Car out, Car in

The old petrol car is going. An electric car is coming.

We want to turn over a new Leaf with greener and cheaper mobility.

Desicion No. 4 – Business … cut & trust

Business changes. A story for another place.

Decision No. 5 – Homestead for sale

We are selling the homestead. That makes me sad. I had thought I would die here. Hopefully now I won’t.

Decision No.6 – Steem…

Steem. That comes next.