Pennsif’s Sustainability Curation Digest for MSP – week ending 24 June 2018

Another week as Sustainability Curator for the Minnow Support Project and another great bunch of sustainability related posts.

Keep them coming, I’m learning loads.

And it is great fun too !

So here are five more most excellent posts…

My Five Picks of the Week

How To Make Cold Without A Fridge by @taliakerch

What do you do in a hot country with no fridge, and you have fresh food to keep cold?

Nigerian teacher Mohammed Bach Abbah came up with a very clever idea… and won $100,000 for doing so.

@taliakerch reveals all in her post…

Emergency repairs on one of our milk goats by @wwf

What do you when your milking goat tears her udder, and you can’t afford an expensive vet?

You use good hygiene, your personal medical skills, the resources you have to hand and some accumulated knowledge to fix it yourself.

White Walking Feather @wwf tells how he and @carey-page overcame their fears and successfully treated their wounded goat…

Creating a Guinea Fowl Alarm System by @brimwoodfarm

How can you protect your chickens from predators when you can’t be there to watch over them?

You set up a guinea fowl alarm system.

Geoff at @brimwoodfarm tells us how he is rearing guinea fowl as guardians for his chickens…

Original Pictorial details of how I do my own outstanding rabbit barbeque (Step by step) by @matthewthonyit

Rabbits are a compact, low maintenance popular meat animal amongst homesteaders.

Once you have dispatched them what do you do next?

Matthew @matthewthonyit gives step by step instructions on how he prepares his outstanding rabbit barbeque…

Hot Process Soap Making – How-To by @powellx5

As a homesteader making your own soap is a great skill to learn.

It it definitely on my short list of things to learn as soon as I have time.

@powellx5 provides an excellent step by step on how to get started…

I will be on the lookout now for posts to include in this weekly Sustainability Curation Digest.

I am also always seeking out new guests for the Alternative Lifestyle Show that I host on MSP Waves Radio every Friday.

If you haven’t listened to the show before you can hear last week’s episode here :

If you are interesting in coming on the show, or if you have suggestions for suitable posts for this digest, feel free to comment below, or contact me on Discord @Pennsif#9921.

I also run a charitable giving project called A Dollar A Day – you can read more about that here :

I am looking for more projects to support with that and I am particularly interested in finding some sustainability / renewables related projects.

The Minnow Support Project has multiple curators that pick five posts from under-valued minnows each week to highlight through MSP3k. This way MSP and PAL can promote new writers and content creators on Steemit, and in effect reward them for doing a superior job.

[ header graphic by @pennsif // images from @taliakerch, @wwf, @brimwoodfarm ]