Seeking the tribe – where are all the active steemians in Britain?

A few days ago I posted about having a steem meetup in Bristol.

I didn’t get any takers ūüėĘ

But I wasn’t wholly surprised. I haven’t been looking hard to date, but I can’t recall actually seeing any people on steem from the Bristol area.

So where are all the active steemians in the UK now?

And I wonder how many there are?

On my radio show last week @rea estimated that there are about 25 active steemians left in London.

I am guessing the biggest cluster of active steemians must be in London.

In Wales I know there are only half a dozen or so.

So for the UK as a whole… maybe around a hundred?

That’s not a lot so we’d better stick together.

Many moons ago, when I was still a baby steemian, I scratched a mark in the sacred ground of steem when I initiated the list of Homesteaders and Preppers on steem.

It proved to be fantastically worthwhile and useful. I got to know every homesteader and prepper on steem and the seed of that community aggregation was born.

Maybe I need to make another list. This time of active steemians in Britain.

For networking, for meetups and just generally for getting to know each other.

I think I might segregate the list into broadbrush geographical regions. Maybe starting with :

  • London & the South East
  • The Midlands
  • Wales & the South West
  • The North
  • Scotland & Northern Ireland

All loose and laxy but that will do for a starting point.

So I will throw a few together from memory for starters and see where this takes us.

If you would like to be on this list comment below or message me on Discord (@Pennsif#9921). If you don’t want to be on the list let me know likewise.

I’m guessing some of the regional placements – let me know if I have put you in the wrong region. Active I’m loosely defining as posting regularly – at least weekly?

London & the South East  (8)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @ezzy, @lloyddavis, @rea, @redrica, @steevc, @ultravioletmag

The Midlands  (9)

@article61, @atomcollector, @gmuxx, @kryptoe, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Wales & the South West  (7)

@cryptocariad, @happysmileyman, @pennsif, @stevejhuggett, @theturtleproject, @wales, @welshstacker

The North  (10)

@anarcotech, @ashtv, @beautifulbullies, @darrenclaxton, @gillianpearce, @mckeever, @slobberchops, @stephenkendal, @teamhumble, @vibeof100monkeys

Scotland  (0)

That’s all the active steemians in the UK I can think of – 34 !.¬† I am sure there are a good few more.

Let’s see how big a list we can build…