Steem is my hobby, my job, my passion, my obsession, my addiction, my life – tick as applicable

I spend quite a bit of time on steem.

I spend a lot of time on steem.

I spend too much time on steem?

It is worth it. I am sure.

Every day I connect. I read. I write. I connect. I talk. I learn. I improve.

I improve me. I improve my place on earth. I improve the earth just a tiny little bit. I hope.

That is all that matters. Surely.

If we leave the earth in a slightly better state than how it was when we entered is that job done? Mission accomplished?

Is that the quest for everyone?  Some succeed. Some fail.

Or do some just not care?

I am not sure I can accept that. Deep down I do believe everyone wants to do good, really.  At least at the start?

Maybe my life is too sheltered. Too cozy and cosseted. Too innocent and naive.

But I want to do good. I am sure everyone prefers to do good than to do bad if they can.

It must be better to make someone smile than to make someone cry.

Even at 5am I would like to make someone happy if I can.

So after posting this I will go send some donations from A Dollar A Day.

Then I must go back to trying to stop the floodwater that has already reached 4 inches in the kitchen.

Good night, and have a smile on me.