The Blocktrades Contest | The Positive Steemians Club launch party

So here is my entry for The Blocktrades Scholarship Contest.

Rather unconventional as my entry is a recording of one of my ‘radio shows’ on MSP Waves – but creating new and continually evolving radio shows is a big part of what I do on Steem.

I have been making shows since January. They are for me significant creative endeavours.

I have developed several show formats over the 60+ shows I have produced so far including The Alternative Lifestyle Show, My Life In 8 Songs, Here Comes The News, Use Case Radio – as well as one-offs like The Steemfest3 After Party.

Each show takes me between one and two days to put together for the planning, researching and finding guests. Interviewing guests has been the cornerstone of my show format. Partly to provide interesting content, partly to give people visibility for their ideas and projects, and partly because it is a fantastically enjoyable way to get to know the people of Steem – over 400 so far.

I have chosen The Positive Steemians Club launch party episode both because it is one of the two shows that fall in the contest period and because it illustrates the essence of what I am so keen to do on the show – to accentuate the positives of Steem. Positive people, positive projects, positive wins.


Twenty lines, oh boy!  What else do I do.

I founded and run the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project. It is what I am most proud of. It has added a whole massive new dimension to Steem for me. It has given me a perspective on the world I would never have had without Steem. Almost US$ 5000 raised and donated to 20 projects around the world since I started the project in May this year. It is a true witness to the power of Steem.

More recently I have established SteemClub-UK to give Steem a much needed boost in the UK. There are barely 100 active steemians in the UK. Targeting 1000 by the end of 2019 through events, meetups, talks, promotions.

I do, and I have done, quite a bit else but I can’t fit that in 20 lines or thereabouts.

Do I meet the entry criteria. Tick on all counts. Posting daily between my three accounts – @pennsif, @adollaraday, @steemclub-uk. Comment regularly. Never used a bidbot.

That’s it. That’s me. That’s what I have to offer.

And the penguin? I used to be a penguin catcher. But that’s another story…

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