UK Steem : UK musicians on Steem, DSound & DTube

As part of promoting Steem in the UK an idea has been mooted of having some sort of Steem musicians event.

I wondered therefore how many UK based musicians there are on the Steem blockchain.

Here are all the ones I have found so far. Anyone know of any others?

  • AnarcoTech (North – Huddersfield)
  • Armchair Spaceman (Scotland)
  • AtomCollectorRecords & Juxta!/@atomcollector
  • Basil Marples (South East – Norfolk)!/@basilmarples
  • Cams (Scotland)!/@acousticguitar
  • Darren Claxton (North – Derbyshire)!/@darrenclaxton
  • Deon – Kryptoe (Midlands – Warwickshire)!/@kryptoe
  • Donatello (London)!/@donatello
  • Last Ravage Opinion!/@lastravage
  • nakedverse (South East – Kent)!/@nakedverse
  • Nicky Havey (South East –¬†High Wycombe)!/@nickyhavey
  • Sazzler J
  • Skaarl (Midlands – Nottinghamshire)!/@skaarl
  • Steve Clark (South East – Bedfordshire)
  • The Turtle Project (Wales)!/@theturtleproject
  • VoX!/@voxxov

If you know of any other active UK based steem musicians please comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

@atomcollector – it will be good to connect on this…

@article61 & @darrenclaxton – it might be worth connected with all these UK steem musicians as you are interested in a potential steem music event in the Midlands.

Just a reminder the next Steem UK Virtual Meetup will be on Thursday 29 November, 8pm – 11pm UK time. Hope you can come along…

* Steem UK – latest list of active steemians & the next Virtual Meetup – Thursday 29 November