Pennsif’s Progress – It is good to be on the other side of the mic sometimes…

I love making radio shows. I love interviewing guests.

I had done neither before I came to steem.

Since I joined MSP Waves Radio, and since I started broadcasting in January I have hosted around 70 shows and interviewed well over 300 steemians.

Interviewing guests on shows has been a most excellent way to get to know people from all around the world and all around steem. I learn so much from this.

This week I was delighted to be invited to be a guest on two other shows.

On Thursday immediately after my show I hopped over to join @fracasgrimm on his Chronic and Coffee show on GreenHouseRadioOnline on the Canna-Curate Discord server. I very much enjoyed that. You can hear the interview here…


Then on Saturday @gregorypatrick invited me on to The Decentralized News Hour run on the Information War Discord server. Along with @nochains1 and Greg we had a great discussion ranging across many subjects including homeschooling, multilingual education and the mainstream media. Greg’s post for the show is here…


Or you can watch directly on YouTube…

As well doing these two interviews my Thursday show was a special one.

It was my first go at an open forum style show. Fifteen people involved in radio shows, podcasting and social broadcasting across the steem ecosystem came together to talk, exchange ideas and discuss ways to grow what we all do.

You can listen to the recording of the show here…

It was great to hear from all these people. I was inspired by the show.

This encouraged me to make this post in case I can help anyone…

I think there is a great future for social broadcasting on the steem ecosystem. With new technologies, new content creators, new show formats, and loads of new ideas coming through I am really looking forward to what comes next…



Pennsif’s Progress #607 – 6 months on and the radio waves to everyone

In just under an hour I will be on air again with another episode of ‘The Alternative Lifestyle Show‘.

Amazingly I have now being doing the show for 6 months.

It really has been a super experience. I have learnt so much. I have gained confidence week by week.

And I have spoken to so many fantastic people of steem.

Together with my other show, My Life In 8 Songs, I have calculated that I have now interviewed almost 200 people.

When I joined steemit back last June I never dreamed I would become an internet radio show host. I came to steem to blog about prepping and homesteading and hopefully earn enough to buy a solar PV system.

It was in the first Homesteaders Slack group a month or so after I joined that I met @crazybgadventure, a British ex-pat living in Bulgaria. He had just started a radio show on the newly formed MSP Waves Radio on the new PAL Discord, and he was looking for guests. I volunteered.

Unfortunately CrazyBG had to drop out of the radio show before I got to be on, but a week or two later I heard @ma1neevent was looking for guests for his Wednesday interview show.

That then was my first time live on MSP Waves with Ma1ne and I loved it.

The bug had bitten.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show

It wasn’t long before I had my idea for a show for the homesteading and prepping community accepted by @globocop and @r0nd0n at MSP Waves.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show was born and heading for the airwaves.

When I first thought of the show title I had planned to put brackets around the word (Alternative) as I was rapidly discovering that what might be considered alternative in the outside world is pretty much the norm on steem.

Almost by virtue of being on steem you have to have a little bit of alternative in you somewhere.

Thoughout the autumn months I worked through the technicals, got a better internet connection and built up contacts.

I was still lacking confidence but a chance encounter with my two year old self fixed that when @globocop invited me to co-host a series of 1960s music shows he was running.

That was a great soft entry into hosting a radio show.

We did about 10 weeks of that and then by the beginning of the new year I was ready to start my new show.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show debuted on MSP Waves on Friday 26 January with guests @redrica talking about homeschooling, @geordieprepper discussing prepping, @halcyondaze speaking about gardening and @thebugiq chatting about a whole bunch of other things.

@redrica, together with @ravenruis and @awesomehomestead, helped me track down guests for the first couple of months. Gradually that got easier as the show became more well known.

As the weeks rolled on the remit and the appeal of the show broadened. I have had guests talking about homeschooling, unschooling, anti-vaccinations, basic income schemes, veganism, GMOs, cannabis cultivation, dumpster diving… as well as the staples of homesteading and prepping.

The highlights for me have included the Ozarks special with @papa-pepper and a whole bunch of great steem homesteaders from the Ozark Mountains region of the USA.  The vegan special with @teamsteem, @krnel, @lenasveganliving, @ura-soul and others was an important show for me as it started me on my (almost complete) journey to becoming a vegan.

Having White Walking Feather @wwf and his Stewards of Terra Mater was an engrossing and very thought generating episode. Liberatarian Party presidential hopeful @adamkokesh was certainly a milestone interview for me. Interviewing @papa-pepper again for his second steem anniversary was another good one.

And tonight I have @surfermarly, @woman-onthe-wing, @jackdub, @makinstuff and @sir-thrive.

The show rolls on … and I am loving it !

Join me every Friday on MSP Waves, 10pm – midnight UTC.

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