The United Kingdom of Steem : how do we grow the numbers?

Yesterday I put up a post to build a list of all active steemians in Britain.

The result was not great – but also not too surprising.

There are still a few additions coming in – but so far the list has reached 81.

A few of those are on the edge of still being active, so that figure is not far off that magic one in a million finding from my previous cursory inpection of active steem numbers. The population of the UK is currently 66.6 million.

I had very much hoped that we would reach 100, but even with the stragglers still trickling in it doesn’t look too hopeful.

So it is what it is. There are less than one hundred active steemians in Britain.

It cannot stay this way. The numbers must go up.

There will not be some massive marketing campaign swooping in from steemit inc to boost the takeup of steem in the UK.

It is up to us – this happy band of 81 – to make it work, to make it grow, to make it prosper.

So what is the plan?  How do we get one?  Where do we go from here?

We need to talk. We need to work together.

Who’s up for the challenge?  Who’s just here for the ride?

A great big UK meetup would be good. But time, distance, money, logistics… That will need to come later.

Possibly regional meetings first. Luckily we are quite evenly spread. But they will still take time to organise.

That is time we may not have. The next six months are vital.

So let’s go virtual. I have a radio show. Thursday evenings.

With the clocks going back on Sunday, the show will be a good time for Brits … 8pm – 11pm UK time.

Thursday 1 November – The United Kingdom of Steem, Let’s Make It Great Show on MSP Waves.

Who wants to come on the show to brainstorm, thrash out some ideas, make some plans and get ready to rumble…

Here are a few possibles to get our balls rolling…

  • Regional meetups
  • A social media promotion campaign
  • UK steem merchandise
  • UK steem leaflets
  • Targeting specific sectors like independent musicians, film makers, gamers…
  • Working with small charities to fundraise to show benefits of steem
  • Students ??
  • Working to promote specific dApps like @eroche’s Let’s Eat
  • Targeting niche / alternative groups like homeschoolers, vegans, alternative therapists…

Who’s up for it?

This is the list of active steemians in the UK so far…

London & the South East  (24)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @andabout, @breadcentric, @buttpacker, @ezzy, @gillianpearce, @justyy, @lloyddavis, @lolzwithlisa, @marczanto, @nakedverse, @nanzo-sccop, @pjau, @rea, @redrica, @scalextrix, @shazza, @simonjay, @stav, @steevc, @stimp1024, @teodora, @ultravioletmag

The Midlands  (16)

@article61, @atomcollector, @c0ff33a, @dickturpin, @gmuxx, @honeybee11, @howardblott, @ictman1076, @kryptoe, @neopch, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @skaarl, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Wales & the South West  (15)

@cryptocariad, @francesleader, @happysmileyman, @jen0revision, @jimbobbill, @owenwat, @pennsif, @perceptualflaws, @stevejhuggett, @sunsethunter, @theturtleproject, @tinygalaxy, @ukbitcoinmaster, @wales, @welshstacker

The North  (15)

@anarcotech, @ashtv, @beautifulbullies, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @gdwcoins, @mckeever, @mikefromtheuk, @raj808, @russellbury, @slobberchops, @steemonkey, @stephenkendal, @teamhumble, @vibeof100monkeys

Scotland  (4)

@barge, @johnkingwriter, @meesterboom, @natubat

Northern Ireland  (1)


And also…  (5)

@atomcollector, @basilmarples, @mynewlife, @someguy123, @tremendospercy

Seeking the tribe – where are all the active steemians in Britain?

A few days ago I posted about having a steem meetup in Bristol.

I didn’t get any takers 😢

But I wasn’t wholly surprised. I haven’t been looking hard to date, but I can’t recall actually seeing any people on steem from the Bristol area.

So where are all the active steemians in the UK now?

And I wonder how many there are?

On my radio show last week @rea estimated that there are about 25 active steemians left in London.

I am guessing the biggest cluster of active steemians must be in London.

In Wales I know there are only half a dozen or so.

So for the UK as a whole… maybe around a hundred?

That’s not a lot so we’d better stick together.

Many moons ago, when I was still a baby steemian, I scratched a mark in the sacred ground of steem when I initiated the list of Homesteaders and Preppers on steem.

It proved to be fantastically worthwhile and useful. I got to know every homesteader and prepper on steem and the seed of that community aggregation was born.

Maybe I need to make another list. This time of active steemians in Britain.

For networking, for meetups and just generally for getting to know each other.

I think I might segregate the list into broadbrush geographical regions. Maybe starting with :

  • London & the South East
  • The Midlands
  • Wales & the South West
  • The North
  • Scotland & Northern Ireland

All loose and laxy but that will do for a starting point.

So I will throw a few together from memory for starters and see where this takes us.

If you would like to be on this list comment below or message me on Discord (@Pennsif#9921). If you don’t want to be on the list let me know likewise.

I’m guessing some of the regional placements – let me know if I have put you in the wrong region. Active I’m loosely defining as posting regularly – at least weekly?

London & the South East  (8)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @ezzy, @lloyddavis, @rea, @redrica, @steevc, @ultravioletmag

The Midlands  (9)

@article61, @atomcollector, @gmuxx, @kryptoe, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Wales & the South West  (7)

@cryptocariad, @happysmileyman, @pennsif, @stevejhuggett, @theturtleproject, @wales, @welshstacker

The North  (10)

@anarcotech, @ashtv, @beautifulbullies, @darrenclaxton, @gillianpearce, @mckeever, @slobberchops, @stephenkendal, @teamhumble, @vibeof100monkeys

Scotland  (0)

That’s all the active steemians in the UK I can think of – 34 !.  I am sure there are a good few more.

Let’s see how big a list we can build…



I feel inspired – anyone for a meetup in Bristol?

I feel inspired. By the Netcoins vote. By my radio shows. By A Dollar A Day.

I hope I will still feel so inspired 5 hours from now when the Netcoins vote is over. Steem is in first place, let us stay there…


I am not going to Steemfest but I would like to meet more steemians… in Britain.

It’s a numbers game. And we need to get more numbers.

I wrote the other day about being One in a Million. That won’t cut the mustard. We need more. We need more of everyone.

Talking on the Food & Steem radio show on Thursday there are great ideas afoot – but they need numbers, they need people, they need critical mass.

We need to get together, to work together, to stick together. To get out on the streets and tell people about steem.

Way back when @starkerz and @anarcotech and @stephenkendal kicked off Promo-UK, and thence Promo-Steem, with a tour of UK universities. They went out and told people about steem.

Now I think we can refine the message. Blog, vote, earn is not the message anymore.

We need to tell people about everything else on steem.

We can tell them about DTube without censorship, about Fundition to raise funds without fees, about Steemmonsters for card games on the chain, about Actifit, about DLike, about Steemhunt, about Tasteem, about A Dollar A Day…

We have a heck of a lot going on this steem blockchain to tell people about.

A meetup in Bristol?

So to a meetup. The UK is rather lacking. Wales is spread too, too, too thinly now.

Over the border I must go. Bristol looks ripe for the picking. It is an alternative leaning city. It has a local currency, the Bristol Pound, and it is a green city with Green Party councillors and bike lanes aplenty.

Maybe the UK needs three meetups – London, Bristol and somewhere up north, or at least in the Midlands. And Scotland?

I don’t think Britain could sustain more than three meetups at present. So let’s start there.

I am willing to make a move on Bristol. Anyone game for organising one up north? London is the easy one.

Who would come to a meetup in Bristol?

Anyone know any active steemians around Bristol and the south west?

It’s time to rally the troops, to step up to the plate, to get out on the streets, to the fight the good fight.

Vive la révolution … steem est arrivé.

Pennsif’s Progress – I’m one in a million & you might be too

Today I was chatting with @leotrap from Uruguay.

The subject came up of how many active steemians there are in Uruguay.

He reckoned there are about 10 – but only 4 of them really active.

Uruguay has a population of about 3.5 million.

That makes around 1 active steemian for every million population.

Uruguay is just one country. But the reason that caught my eye is that I live in Wales. The numbers are very similar.

The population of Wales is 3.1 million. And I am struggling to think of more than 2 or 3 very active steemians in Wales.

And if we jump up a notch or two, let’s take Nigeria with a population 197 million. It is only second hand info but a leading steemian in Nigeria thought there is only 100 or so active steemians there.

It depends of course on how you define ‘active steemian’, but I am guessing whatever way you cut it the figures are going to be roughly the same any time, any place, any which way.

So if you are an active steemian you are pretty special. You are part of an elite force, an advance guard, a pioneering pioneer.

This might seem scary, or worrying, or lonely, or overwhelming.

Or it might just be exciting, a privilege, a badge to wear with honour. To be out in front, breaking new ground, discovering new worlds.

That’s where I sit on this flight of fancy.

I’m still working up to my full pilot’s licence but I’ve already found some amazing things, and met some fantastic new peoples. In this wondrous new world of steem.

And the best thing…

We’ve only just stepped ashore. There are whole continents still to explore.

Buckle up, put on your Sunday best and lets go discover what comes next.

Pennsif’s Progress #567 – Am I a full-time steemian, or just a keen amateur

Well, there’s a good question…?

I guess there are two starting points to answer that.

Firstly, do I earn the majority of my income from steem? Most definitely not, at least at present?

Secondly, do I spend the majority of my time on steem. Most definitely yes.

So am I full-time steemian?

I am wanting to say yes. But let’s analyse this a bit further first…


I run a small business the rest of my day, but that gives me considerable flexibility.

As well as bits and pieces during breaks on my working day, from 5pm steem becomes my primary focus – usually until at least midnight.

And weekends and holidays… I’m on steem a lot / most of the time.

In the average week I am usually clocking up about 50 hours on steem. My day time job is 37.5 hours a week plus holidays.

So steem wins on time.


I was somewhat surprised when I checked on steemworld to see that I am now averaging over US$500 a month in total steem rewards.

Living in Britain with three teenage children and a whole bunch of outgoings US$500 would not be enough to live on (if I wasn’t earning from my other job).

But that $500 is when steem is at $1.

How goes it if steem went back to $3 or $4 or $5…?

Then the future definitely looks steem coloured.

So here comes the big question.

If steem went back up to say $5 and it looked like it was staying there, or going up further, would I take the plunge, bite the bullet, grasp the nettle and go full-tilt, head-on and all-in with steem?

If I quit my job, there would be no going back. I would be a steem man.

I came for the money, I found the community, I took the opportunity.



Pennsif’s Progress #582 – Let’s talk about sleep

I was going to write this blog post about ‘How Steem has changed my life’. I have a bucket load of positives for steem – but one great big fat negative.

Sleep. The lack thereof.

I have always been a bit of a late bird. From pulling ‘all-nighters’ as a student to get the assignments in before the 9am deadline, to working through the night in the office when I first started my business, to getting over-absorbed in online gaming when I was an Entropia addict.

But they all tended to be occasional. Steem has become habitual. 

Getting to bed by 3am is an early night for me in my world run on Universal Steem Time. Many nights I am still awake to see the sunrise. And then I start work again by 9.30am.

We all know the story. Discord figures heavily in it. With DMs coming in from people all round the world, and all around the clock, it is hard to stop. I always try to answer every message.

I set myself extra steem challenges by having a continual rollcall of time critical fixed points in the week – A Dollar A Day donations every day, My Life In 8 Songs every Thursday, The Alternative Lifestyle Show every Friday, MSP Sustainability Curation post every Sunday…

They all have associated actions that have to be done at certain times. “It can wait til tomorrow” is not usually an option.

And I have a full-time day job as well, so most of my steem activity has to start after 5.30pm when my second work day begins.

I enjoy it, so I keep doing it.

But I know it is not for the best. Working late into the early morning is not good for my health, it is not good for my productivity, it is not good for my creativity and not good for my inspiration.

It has to stop. But how?

I am going to try to flick the switch – go to bed early, and get up early.

Maybe real early, like 5am early. Then I can still just catch some of the American east coasters that I work with and the west coasters should be fine. It should also be okay for the people in south east Asian that I interact with.

So that is the plan. I am going to try to get to bed by 11pm at the very latest.

If you see me on Discord after that time – feel free to remind me it is my past my bed time. Shout at me and publicly humilate me on air if I am still lurking around listening to a radio show.

Except my radio shows on Thursdays and Fridays – they will have to be the exceptions.

I know when I do so occasionally have a long night’s sleep I am all of a buzz the next day with super productivity and new ideas aplenty.

So if I do manage to turn back time and get my sleep patterns repaired look out for some weird and wonderful stuff come flowing from my brain.

But for now sleep tight and I’ll catch you with the sunrise…


Pennsif’s Progress #587 – Who should I tell about steem?

Back at the turn of the year when steem was riding high I started a SignUp100 personal quest to recruit a hundred people on to steem during 2018.

With steem shooting to the clouds, and my wallet looking fat and healthy, it was quite easy. A quick glance at the dollar signs, a mumbled “you too could have this” and they were signing up on the dotted line.

In the first few weeks I scored a dozen. 

But it all went wrong. The steem price went south, my new recruits scattered in panic and confusion, and only two hung on.

I learnt my lesson. Never utter those fateful words “blog and earn” – blog and yearn might be better.

In those weird old days I would tell just about anyone that moved all about steem.

Now I am more choosy. I look for a reason why steem might actually be useful for them before telling them about it.

Can steem improve or enhance some element of their life that they are already doing? Will it add value?

Ideally it shouldn’t be that way. If steem aches for mass adoption it really should offer something for everyone.

For the moment steem is an acquired taste. It requires something of a moral commitment and a pledge of allegiance to the ways of steem.

It still needs a big glowing neon sign above the door that says “Handle With Care – Enter at your own risk”.

For new recruits you really need to lead them gently by the hand, whisper sweet upvotes in their ears and stay by their side until they are brave enough to venture out alone.

Putting it into practice

I am now having another go.

This time I am targeting better. Through my new @communityaction project I am particularly looking at bringing on board charities and community organisations.

First up I am working with a Welsh conservation charity.

They are interested in promoting their work, hopefully raising funds and exploring ways they might be able to reward volunteers. They should be up and running by next week.

Second up, I have recruited someone who makes children’s video games. They are already on Steam but they are interested in exploring what Steem has to offer now.

For both of them I am setting up their accounts through  That will at least knock down one of steem’s naughty and nasty technical barriers.

I am hoping with this more measured approach I can up the retention rate beyond the miserable 10 – 15% that seems to be the norm for steem.

Slow and steady, keep them close and vote them often…


Pennsif’s Progress #592 – Come on Steem, I want to save the planet

Today I have been invited to guest on the new Meadows & Makers radio show hosted by @makinstuff and @jackdub.

Greg @makinstuff mentioned he would like me to talk about my plans for installing a solar PV system on our homestead.

I have written several times before about my solar plans and how they were the initial driver for me to join steem.

Back at the start of 2017 I was looking at ways to save up the capital needed to invest in a solar PV and battery system to start our homestead on the journey to becoming offgrid for electricity.

A friend introduced me to Bitcoin that was just beginning to take off at that time, and along with the discovery of Bimble Solar who were taking Bitcoin payments, crypto looked like the way to go to raise the funds for our solar adventure.

But after only my second Bitcoin purchase, my bank blocked any further crypto purchases.

Then as I was looking for new ways to build my crypto-stash I came across Steem on YouTube. Earning crypto currency just through blogging seemed a whole lot better than buying.

I signed up. I was hooked.

Many, many, many, many hours of steeming away, and the super lucky timing of the conversion of my original Bitcoin investment into steem, allowed me to reach Dolphin status at the very end of 2017.

At the start of 2018 steem was topping out at over US$7 and my wallet value was looking rather handsome at around US$40,000.

That would have paid for the solar PV system – and for the biomass boiler I’m looking at now.

Should I have hit the sell button then?

It was tempting but I am ethically opposed to killing dolphins. So I hung on. With the upbeat mood, the moon talk in every corner of the steemiverse, $7 looked like it was the bottom not the top. $100 steem was definitely on the cards.

Little did I realise that the steem price would begin a slippy slidey path all the way back down to where it is now – just thrashing about in the shallow sub $1.50 waters.

So I have kept at it blogging, vlogging (a little bit) and pumping out radio shows to double my stake to over 11,000 SP – currently worth around $13,000.

I have just gone back to the quote I was given early last year by the renewables company. Totally by chance it was just under $13,000.

  • 9 PV panels (2.3Kw) = $2500
  • Lead acid batteries (600Ah capacity) =  $2000
  • Outback inverter/charger & solar charge controller = $4500
  • Cabling from barn to house = $500
  • Labour = $2500
  • Tax @ 5%

So if I squashed my account flat and powered down completely, assuming steem didn’t fall further during the 13 week power-down period, I could get my PV system paid for by crypto and steem.

But then like Snakes and Ladders I would be all the way back down to the beginning again.

I have faith, and science. I learnt at school that steem always rises. So I will sit tight, and keep grinding, til the highs return and the steemrays shine on my solar plans again.



Pennsif’s Progress #596 – Should I, Shouldn’t I … tell him about Steem?

One of the voluntary roles I have taken on in the recent past has been as a business mentor for new startups.

I had been doing this for several years for one of Prince Charles’s charities until I got too busy on steem last year.

A new Mentor Co-ordinator has just been appointed and he contacted me a few days ago to see if I would be interested in restarting the mentoring.

We met in a local cafe. He ordered a latte. They ran out of milk.

Fifteen minutes later the milk arrived from a nearby supermarket. Unimpressed by what my local town has to offer we began the meeting.

A big European grant, which should continue after 2019, has funded coordinators in every county in Wales. Operations are being ramped up, more ‘clients’ are being found, more mentors are needed.

I agreed. It could be fun to get back into mentoring.

He told me about some of the startups looking for mentors. One was a woman setting up a vegan food trailer to take around food festivals and other events.

That is right up my street but alas just too far away.

It reminded me of a project I saw on Fundition recently… @the.foodini’s STEEMtruck project.

And I was about to tell the Mentor Co-ordinator all about steem, and all about Fundition, and how we could get all the startups on steem and they could help finance their new businesses through the blockchain…

But I held back. It might just be a bit too much for a first meeting. Maybe when I have got to know him a bit better.

Would he get it?  Would he think I am too weird and cranky to be a suitable business mentor?

It is difficult when I spend so much time in my little steem cocoon to comprehend that the rest of the world might not yet ‘get’ steem.

They should, they must, they have to. But slow and steady wins the race. One step at a time.

Next time I’ll tell him.

Did I bottle it?  Should I stand up and be counted at every turn?  Do I need to be bold and brash and throw caution to the wind?

Do we need to shout it from the rooftops at every opportunity?

Is that what it will take to fly steem to the moon?

That may be so. Soon.

For now I will follow the shining path, but tread with caution. One step at a time.

There are times and there are places.



Pennsif’s Progress #609 – PSST – steem can make the sun rise

As I mentioned in a previous post I came to steem for the sunshine.

My big goal for the last couple of years has been to install a solar PV system to start us on the journey of taking our homestead off-grid.

But it’s a big investment and I came across crypto as a way to build the capital needed for my solar installation.

I found Bitcoin first and then came steem…

My year of steem has been one amazing journey.

I have learnt so much. I have met so many amazing people. My perspectives on the world have broadened a thousand-fold.

And I have changed. How could I not.

Every day, in every way, with every word of every conversation with every person I connect with around the world.

Venezuela, India, Philippines, Australia, USA, Denmark, Ireland, Argentina, France, Spain, Nicaragua……

In any single day I can be talking with people from 20 different countries, about 40 different topics.

Never before in my life have I been in a situation like this.

It is changing me. For the better I think. I can do little things. That make big changes.

I can put shoes on a child in Venezuela, I can put scientific equipment in a classroom in the Philippines, I can teach tree planting to children in Cameroon.

I talk. I learn. I think. I change.

You will hear so often on steem that old rusty adage – Come for the money, Stay for the community.

But it is way beyond community.

I am being assimilated. I am beginning to see the bigger picture. I am starting to feel the wider pain.

I am now plugged into the global brain.

So where do I go next – in this post and on steem.

I still want to get a solar PV system so I can disconnect from the grid.

Maybe I should look at SMT’s – they are all the rage.

Psst, have you heard about about Pennsif’s Smart Solar Tokens?

It is all about the money.

But not the earning. It’s about the giving.

It is about the amplifying and about the equalisation.

One dollar a day is all it takes. A packet of chocolate biscuits for me or a day’s food for a family of four on the other side of the world.

Never before has humanity had this magical tool. We can create wealth, and we can transfer it, for free, anywhere in the world, in seconds.

What power we hold in our hands. Let us show the world the power of steem.

Steem can make the sun rise.

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