Pennsif’s Progress #580 – A trip to a big city – Swansea

Happily ensconced in my little bit of Welsh mountainside, and with online ordering at my fingertips, I rarely have need to venture into a big city.

Yesterday we made a journey to Wales’ second biggest city – Swansea.

Our middle daughter starts at university there in September so we went on a daytrip to check out her accommodation.

I am not a keen driver, particularly when heading towards busy places, but despite the malevolent efforts of our wonky sat-nav, we got there well on time and found an easy car-parking spot close to our destination.

As soon as I got out of the car city began to hit me. Constant noise, never ending cars, so many people, so much diversity… and the heat.

I knew of the urban heat island effect but I hadn’t been in a bit city for a long, long time and summer exacerbates the effect. All that hot air, all those warm gases have got to go somewhere.

We checked out the accommodation – much better than I envisaged.

We found a place to eat – more choice than needed, reasonably priced, quality pretty good, portions way too big for my liking. I had a mushroom and leek filled pitta, with salad and a bucket load of chips. It could have feed me for three days.

Then the coin had to be tossed – art gallery or shopping. [Primark]( won.

I’ve never been in a Primark store before. Maybe I won’t ever have to again. Hoping.

A red leather sofa was provided for dads. It was crowded.

Plastic done. Latte to finish. Even with soya milk.

More city trips await. Our eldest daughter starts at Bristol University in September too. Crossing the border soon.